December 7, 2022

WWE had specific reasons to fire Bray Wyatt

Many fans were surprised when WWE released Bray Wyatt because he was booked as a top star who was making a lot of money.

Over time, there have been several reports as to why he was fired, including the company having issues with his weight and he was difficult to work with. When Wyatt reacted to a report that he was difficult to work with and deserving of release, the former WWE star referenced WWE executives John Laurinaitis and Bruce Prichard as the sources.

Wyatt also reportedly had issues with WWE management over his “burned Fiend” costume that was created for him once he was set on fire by Randy Orton.

While speaking on today’s Wrestling Observer radio, Dave Meltzer explained that Edge is no longer part of The Judgment Day group because WWE wanted to make him supernatural and he wasn’t Okay. This led to a conversation about the last time a supernatural gimmick ended in a big way.

Meltzer named Wyatt and then went on to discuss the circumstances of Wyatt’s release, noting that there were specific reasons for letting him go that were unrelated to his ending or his Fiend persona.

“You can argue that Bray Wyatt became a big star and he was absolutely a huge seller of goods. You can also argue that he wasn’t successful and I know people there who have argued that, ‘Oh, he’s one of the most overwhelmed guys, he’s sold a lot of stuff.’ He was fired for reasons that had nothing to do with being finished or not and he wasn’t fired because of his gimmick He was fired for things I probably shouldn’t talk about so I’m not going to start a Pandora’s box. It has nothing to do with that. He also had health issues with regards to being held out of action and all that kind of stuff.

Meltzer noted that WWE booked Wyatt against opponents who would be destroyed by him and had to rebuild.

“There was the argument that he was doing more harm than good, apart from the fact that he was selling a lot of merchandise. They obviously had a very good opinion of him given that they signed him to a contract worth nearly $4 million a year… I think he was the third highest paid in the company.

After Wyatt said he was ready to return to wrestling last month, he also changed his Twitter handle to Wyatt 6. There had been speculation last weekend that he could return to Hell in a Cell. , which led to an increase in ticket sales on the secondary. market.

That clearly didn’t happen as Wyatt was booked for a Sunday afternoon autograph signing for Legends of the Ring. He’s also booked again in Woodbridge, NJ next Saturday.

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