December 7, 2022

These 9 apps could completely change the way you use your Mac

Your Mac may be able to do a lot more than what you use it for. You may already be browsing and working, but it can do so much more if you have apps that use your hardware. The Complete Utility Pro Lifetime Mac Bundle is a bundle of nine apps packed with useful mac apps for work and fun games. And right now, it’s only $49.

9 Great Mac Apps

Four of the nine applications in the pack can add, adapt or improve key features of your Mac and unlock new areas of customization: MacPilot, MacMagic, MacCleanse and Librarian Pro.


MacPilot unlocks over 1,200 features on your Mac that have been hidden from you. These are tools like animation toggles, screen saver customizations, and other quality of life changes. A reviewer called MacPilot “a great way to easily access functions that are hard to find, remember, or launch.”


MacMagic lets you clear your cache, show hidden files, force delete files you know you don’t need, and more.


If you need help finding space wasting files, MacCleanse will do the work for you.

Professional Librarian

This next application scans your computer and helps you to remove intact files or files from incomplete installations. This will not affect your eBook collection or any other files you collect. In fact, with Librarian Pro you can view them.

Go beyond your Mac

Four other apps give you new ways to connect and work beyond your computer: AirRadar Wi-Fi Finder, Display Maestro, Data Guardian and Alarm Clock Pro are apps with effects you can really see.

Air Radar

AirRadar, which got 4/5 stars on MacUpdate, helps you find more Wi-Fi connections when you’re on the go.

Maestro display

Display Maestro lets you control all your connected displays. It allows you to easily manage resolution changes, color controls and much more.


DataGuardian is like having your own digital security guard who can generate and save passwords, encrypt your data, and organize your records for you.

Pro alarm clock

In and of themselves, these are deals you shouldn’t sleep on. If you do, this set also includes an alarm clock app that offers a world of customization beyond just making noise until you turn it off. That’s what you get with Alarm Clock Pro.

Mysterious Island II

Something fun crowns this lot: Mysterious Island II. This Mac game offers a great way to relish some downtime after a long day enjoying all the new things your Mac can do. It might even make you wish your Mac battery lasted longer so you have more time to game.

Save on the Full Lifetime Utility Pro Mac Bundle

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