September 28, 2022

The Six Best Coupon Apps to Save Money When Shopping Online

Ready to save money while shopping online? Some of these apps will even help you get paid to shop.

Most of us love shopping online… Some of us love it a little too much. And even if you prefer to shop in-store, there’s no denying the convenience (and often necessary) of being able to order paper towels or new shoes one night and find them on your doorstep the next. These days, our shopping apps make it all too easy.

But guess what? Some shopping apps won’t cost you a dime. In fact, they exist to help you save. With the right app, you can make your shopping dreams come true, while enjoying some serious perks, like cashback offers, discounts on frequently purchased items, or coupons for things you’ve never tried. Before the next time you click “Add to Cart”, check out our list of the most popular money-saving apps for online shoppers. Let us know which one (or more!) works best for you.

Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten allows you to earn money for your purchases online and in physical stores. You can use the mobile app, website or browser extension. As long as you’re logged in, every time you shop at a participating merchant, you can earn money. If you’re shopping in-store, check the Rakuten site for deals ahead of time and add them to your credit card on file. (Then you must use that card for purchases to get the rewards.)

Rakuten offers between 1% and 10% discount on your total purchase (excluding taxes and shipping costs). Payments are issued quarterly, and you can choose to receive a paper check, or they will deposit the funds into your PayPal account. You will need to have earned at least $5 for a payout. If you do returns, Rakuten will also be on top of that, and you’ll see it deducted from your cash back balance. (Writer’s note: I’ve been a member since November 2019 and have made $360 so far. Not too shabby.)

Upromise is a great way to save for your kids’ college. It works much the same as Rakuten, offering cash back on purchases at select retailers, grocery stores, and dining options, only you can have your earnings deposited into a dedicated account for your child’s future. (They also have an app and browser extension, in addition to the site) Upromise automatically deposits your cash rewards into your linked account, whether it’s a 529 college savings account, checking account or a savings account. You will need to meet the minimum threshold of $10 for a check or savings deposit and $50 for 529. (Writer’s note: I joined in 2008 and made over $1,200 through 2019. It takes 60-75 days for the rewards to clear, then they will deposit in the first week of the month.)

If you’re looking for automatic rebates and cash back opportunities, Retail Me Not has you covered. The Retail Me Not browser extension will offer to check all available promotions for items in your cart and then apply those discounts for you at checkout. (Essentially, it saves you the extra step of googling, and TBH, I trust their algorithm much more than my ability to find the latest and greatest code.) With the browser extension, no only you get the lowest price, but also you can get money back. Download receipts for purchases at physical stores for cash back, depending on where you shop. They also have a $5 minimum for payout, and it takes around 45 days for your rewards to be approved – then you can cash out via PayPal or Venmo. They will keep you informed of the process with email updates.

Owned by Paypal, Honey is very similar to Retail Me Not. It searches the web for available coupons for the items in your shopping cart to make sure you’re getting the best price, and it offers cash back in the form of ‘Honey Gold’. You can go to their site to search for deals or make purchases using their browser extension or app. They seem to have higher cashback rewards than Retail Me Not – 1000 Gold Points equals a $10 reward for you, which can be redeemed in three ways: cashback, Paypal shopping credit or a card- gift. They also offer a feature called “Droplist” which allows you to list and track the prices of items you’re not quite ready to buy, so you can make sure you’re buying them at their lowest price. lower. Don’t want to make a list? Guess what, they are watching. Your most frequently viewed items will automatically be transformed into a list. Maybe a little scary, sure, but if it saves you money, why not? (It’s not like we didn’t already know that our every click was being tracked.)

If you’re more concerned with getting the best prices on Amazon (and only on Amazon) and cash back isn’t really your jam, then check out Camelcamelcamel. Their website tracks Amazon products with the biggest daily price drops and also notifies you when popular products have seen price drops. The site might seem a bit random (because it literally tracks everything that’s dropped in price), but if you can have a bit of patience when sorting through, the range of products on offer is quite impressive. The company offers a mobile app and its browser extension, “The Camelizer,” lets you track a product’s price history on Amazon and create a watchlist for products.

Ibotta offers so many ways to save – so much that it can seem a bit overwhelming. Here’s the deal: you can shop online, in-store, or through food delivery services. Shop wherever you shop regularly, and if that retailer is an Ibotta Partner, you can save. For physical purchases, you will need to upload your receipt. (They offer a desktop experience, a browser extension, and an app) And once you reach $20 in earnings, you can withdraw money by transferring the money to your bank through PayPal. You can also use your money to redeem gift cards from retailers like Amazon, Starbucks, Sephora, Walmart, or Target. (Note: they also offer travel discounts, some of which seem pretty good if you’re a frequent jet-setter.)

Before downloading each of them…

Unfortunately, you cannot use multiple apps for a single purchase, but you can check which company offers a higher cashback or discount. Not all apps offer discounts from the same retailer, so if you can’t find cash back or discount on one, just switch and try another. (Ladies who switch from Uber to Lyft to save 0.25, we see you. And we love you.)

Also note: you can’t always use a retailer’s promotion and the cashback function at the same time. For example, I tried using a birthday promo on Dermalogica with Rakuten and it didn’t work. Or in some cases, if you use the app, it may charge you a slightly higher price. This happened to me using both Rakuten and Upromise. I always like to see the cost before activate cash back and after. Savvy buyers follow these prices to the very end!

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