December 7, 2022

The green formwork system improves the efficiency of concrete formwork on the construction site.

With the development of the concrete formwork system, the traditional system of wooden beams with plywood could no longer meet the needs of construction contractors for efficient and safe construction. In developed countries, especially in the United States, slab concrete structures are usually designed as post-tensioned slabs or flat slabs. And the green formwork system is made on this basis.

Green formwork system performance on our job site is better than I thought! In fact, it’s amazing! said Arian, Project Manager and Technical Director of Chip Mong Group, “After using the green formwork system, it helped me save about 50% labor and 30% material cost, the Installation speed could reach up to 100m2 per day, compared to Doka and Peri, formwork price is only half of them.

Adrian really understood green formwork after his first try on his site. Previously, he only believed that the traditional method of construction with plywood, wooden beams and a shoring system was the best choice for him and his business.

Introduction to Green Formwork System

The Luriel green formwork system is a breakthrough metal frame formwork system which allows for early onset. It provides a suitable formwork solution for most concrete structures and components and meets the general requirements of different construction methods and conditions.

It allows fast and safe forming operations with a systematic assembly sequence. The low weight of the panels, the compact dimensions and the practical design of the system components facilitate fatigue-free and ergonomic working operations.

​GREEN FORMWORK has been designed for standard use in the construction of slabs with a thickness of up to 30 cm. GREEN FORMWORK’s range of applications extends from residential construction to building construction projects.

​The systematic assembly sequence and lightweight steel system components speed up work operations. Additionally, the possibility of early stripping with the drop-head system reduces on-site material requirements.

​With GREEN FORMWORK, infill areas are reduced to a strict minimum. In addition, the system makes a convincing argument with an extensive range of safety and logistics accessories.

​Another advantage is the easy horizontal transport of formwork materials, as the small props required ensure greater freedom of movement under the slab formwork.

Stripping/early striking mechanism of the green formwork system

“There’s a lot of room for improvement for creativity in a single system like this,” Adrian continues, “with Early stripping mechanism, Now 1 set of panels and 2 sets of the shoring system are more effective, of course cheaper compared to the old method. I used to work with many concrete formwork systems, but green formwork is the most suitable in my business development plan. In other respects it caused no problems while our team was using my old supplier’s ringlock scaffolding system. »

early stripping mechanism of green formwork

With the early stripping mechanism of green formwork, concrete contractors can only use one set of panels + 2 sets of props/shoring system to go through the whole project, which will reduce the cost of materials compared to traditional formwork with plywood.

The six-way self-locking system ensures stability and safety, at the same time, the prop also provides room for the filler beam to meet the needs of traditional 12mm formwork users.

ONLY 3 components of the green formwork and shoring system with filling accessories

Green formwork

The size of shuttering board/formwork formwork is from 1.8m x 1.2m to 0.6m x 0.6m

Well, the load capacity of the prop/shoring system is from 37 KN at a height of 2.3m to 20.1 KN at a height of 3.5m with a safety factor of 2:1.

For the area around the column wall where the green formwork panel cannot reach, Adrian suggested the concrete contractor use the traditional 12mm thick plywood. In this way, whoever stores the traditional formwork could still consume in the current or new project instead of material waste.


With the good features like waste reduction like plywood cutting, there is no need to cut the green formwork system panel. More convenient to clean up the site and save 50% labor quite effectively and improve and speed up the construction schedule. The green formwork system is progressing with the goal of becoming the builder of all civilizations.

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