December 7, 2022

The Best Budgeting Apps for the Money-Conscious and Worried

The best budgeting apps track behavior and offer solutions aligned with your goals.

Drawing up and maintaining a budget is extremely crucial to one’s financial health. Experts often urge people to spend money in a 50/30/20 format, where you spend 50% on necessities, 30% on your needs, and 20% is set aside as savings. However, most people don’t have the time or inclination to adhere to such principles. Although many want it, modern lifestyles often spoil the party. At such times, budgeting apps are the life jackets one needs. Most apps today offer options for saving, investing, and regulating expenses. The apps presented in this list offer a wide variety of tools to regulate one’s financial management and take into account the best budget apps for Android and iOS. The best budgeting apps collect information and tailor their services based on the user.


Mint tops the list of best budgeting apps.

If you want to keep minting money, Mint is the app for you. The most basic function of budgeting apps is to monitor your spending and direct you the next time you try to do the same. The app helps you track your expenses and keep tabs on rising subscription costs. One of the top rated apps on the App Store and Google Play, it provides information on missed savings opportunities. Highly recommended by users as one of the best budgeting apps, Mint also monitors irregularities and lets you customize the settings as per your needs. The premium version allows you to have an ad-free experience. With over 30 million users, it’s safe to say that this is one of the most popular budgeting apps. One of the best budget apps for iPhone users, Mint also helps track your Bitcoin earnings and has partnered with Coinbase.


best budgeting apps 2022

You need a budget – If you think so, download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Budgeting apps come in all shapes and sizes, and YNAB is a crowd favorite. YNAB stands for You Need a Budget. God knows we are not all! If managing your finances gives you cold sweats, this is one of the best money-saving apps for Android. The app is available for web, mobile, Apple Watch and Alexa (by Amazon). The app claims to help “new budgets save $600 in their first two months and over $6,000 in the first year” on average. One of the best budget apps for Android, it teaches you how to be intentional with your money. It’s free for the first 30 days. The app not only helps you plan your budget, but also track loan payments, calculate time and interest saved for every dollar used to pay off debt. Extremely popular on the App Store, it is one of the best budget apps for iPhone owners.


Best Budgeting Apps

To track expenses seamlessly, turn to Expensify for its simple UI and UX.

Do consistently top-ranked budgeting apps, Expensify without receipts, and tracks your business on the go. The app stays true to its name and requires you to record all expenses, whether it’s a bill, bills, or monthly payments. Expensify’s smart technology captures details from receipt snapshots and also notes your preferences for hotel, car and other bookings to give you better suggestions along the way. If you want to find easy-to-use monthly budget apps, you can stop searching with Expensify. Multiple account integration, advanced tax tracking, and an active customer support team are some of its key features.


PocketGuard is one of the best budgeting apps 2022

PocketGuard diligently protects your wallet from overspending and makes room for savings.

If you hate math but love spending money, let PocketGuard have your back, we mean, wallet. Named as one of the best budgeting apps of 2022, the app guarantees you spend less than you earn and takes the stress out of you. While the Invoice Organizer makes sure you never miss a due date, the Subscription Manager shows you the things you might not need. The budget app also sheds light on one’s spending habits and provides relevant insights to reduce unnecessary spending. In case you get deeper into debt, it helps you find a debt repayment plan, optimizing your money management skills. The premium subscription plan is available in monthly, yearly, and lifetime plans to suit one’s needs, making it one of the best budget apps.


best budgeting apps

If couples are struggling to find money, they can simply turn to Zeta for help.

A relationship expert for modern times – Zeta recognizes the fact that money can be a bone of contention between couples. The app is in our list of budgeting apps because it helps solve money problems with its built-in features, streamlining joint account spending. Zeta allows couples to sync accounts, track expenses, and organize budgets, as it divides expenses into individual and shared pools. The feature to keep memos and messages to clarify doubts about split transactions also helps couples have better conversations about their finances. One of the best free budgeting apps out there, it’s the first one couples therapists should explore in case they don’t agree on money. One of the best budget apps for Android and iOS, Zeta helps couples reach their financial goals in a secure way.

Whether it’s the best budget app for iPhone or an Android phone, we ask you to define your financial goals before settling on a budget app. Some apps are great for studying your unconscious money habits, while others help build a solid portfolio of assets. Once you have determined what you want to achieve, you filter the list and decide on the next step.