December 7, 2022

The 7 Best Fast Food Reward Apps to Save You Money

If you regularly visit a fast food restaurant, you may have already downloaded its app. Or maybe you’re one of those people who always sees ads for a restaurant’s loyalty app, but just never made the effort to download it.

However, not all loyalty apps are created equal. Some apps only let you conveniently order online so your food is ready to pick up when you get there, while others offer rewards and incentives. We’ve rounded up some of the best food loyalty apps that actually make you want to use them.

1. Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A rewards the most frequent visitors with membership levels. As you progress through a membership tier, you earn more points per dollar spent at the restaurant.

At the most basic membership level, you earn 10 points per dollar. Then there are different point tiers to choose from for a free reward. You can get a free Chocolate Chunk Cookie (200 points), Fountain Drink (300 points), Chick-fil-A Chicken Cookie (500 points), and more.

To download: Chick-fil-A for android | iOS (Free)

2. Panera

Panera Bread counts every purchase you make as a one-time purchase towards your next reward, whether you’re buying a full meal or a simple bagel. Sometimes you will only have to make two purchases until your next reward and sometimes you will have to make four or six purchases.

The reward you get at the end is always comparable to the number of purchases you have to make, and the reward is always personalized for you.


To download: Panera bread for android | iOS (Free)


If you frequent Starbucks, you probably already have this app. But if you love coffee and haven’t downloaded it, what are you waiting for? Although Starbucks drinks and baked goods can be expensive, the app’s rewards system keeps costs down and occasionally gives you free items.

Depending on how many stars you earn, you can get a free bakery item (50 stars), craft drink (150 stars), lunch sandwich (200 stars), and more. For every dollar spent, you earn a star. If you pay with a preloaded Starbucks Card, you can earn two stars for $1. Then there are random Bonus Star events where you can earn more.

To download: Starbucks for android | iOS (Free)

4. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is constantly updating its app with new daily deals. On the day I write this, there is an offer for a free 6pc Chicken McNuggets or free fries any size with a minimum purchase of $1.

Beyond its amazing daily deals, the McDonald’s app also rewards you with points. When you reach 1500 points, you can get an item for free, such as a McChicken, Vanilla Cone, or Cheeseburger. You earn 100 points for every $1 spent, so you’ll need to spend at least $15 to earn a reward.

To download: McDonald’s for android | iOS (Free)


Drink lovers, rejoice! If you order through the Sonic app, drinks and slushes are half price all day, every day. The only drinks excluded are mini drinks and cold brew iced coffee, but everything else is fair game.

To download: SONIC Drive-In for android | iOS (Free)

6. Papa Johns

Although Domino’s also has a rewards app, Papa Johns gives you more bang for your buck in rewards. For every dollar you spend, you get one point. Once you reach 75 points or spend $75, you get $10 off your next total order.

To download: Papa Johns for android | iOS (Free)

7. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts rewards customers with a free drink for every 200 points earned. Unfortunately, this is the only reward offered by the company, so if you’re not a big Dunkin’ Donuts coffee drinker, you’re out of luck.

There are in-app offers that give bonus points when you purchase certain items. For every dollar spent, you earn five points. So, for a free drink worth 200 points, you need to spend $40 (excluding offers and bonus point offers).

To download: Dunkin’ Donuts for android | iOS (Free)

Convenience and saving money is awesome

All loyalty programs, whether tied to your favorite fast food joint, your local grocery store, or a specialty retailer you frequent, are designed to keep you coming back. Luckily, all of the apps on this list reward you for coming back. it’s not just a facade.

Once you have tasted the convenience of fast food apps, you can simply start downloading apps for everything to make your life easier.


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