December 7, 2022

The 4 best apps for making payments with crypto


These days, cryptocurrency is not just a long-term investment option. Things are changing and now you can pay for goods and services using your decentralized funds without having to go through multiple apps to do so. But which apps are best for spending crypto, and will they cost you anything? Let’s find out below.

1. BitPay

BitPay is one of the largest crypto payment apps currently available. You can buy and trade several different crypto coins with this app including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Additionally, you can make payments from your BitPay wallet. Each wallet you create will be for a different currency, and you can have a wallet for any of the coins supported by the app. Just keep in mind that you need to back up any wallet first.

You can also check the prices of the coins you have chosen using the BitPay app, as well as any recent rise or fall in value. Each crypto comes with its own price table, in which you can view its past price models between a day and a month before.

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The BitPay app also allows you to pay for well-known branded brand gift cards using your crypto funds. You can find gift cards for Amazon, Uber, Whole Foods, and a range of other retailers of goods and services. Simply select the card category you are looking for (such as health and beauty or travel and leisure), and you can browse through all the available gift cards.


It’s also worth noting that BitPay will soon be releasing its own debit card, which allows you to convert your crypto into your country’s domestic tender for payments. You can choose to be notified of the exit through the app if you are interested.

To download: BitPay for Android | iOS (free)

2. Maiar

The Maiar app is another great option for paying using crypto. Via the Maiar crypto wallet feature, you can add funds and send them for payments through the app. You can use a number of different cryptos in your Maiar wallet, including Binance Coin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. You can add contacts to the app directly from your phone’s contact list for direct payments, which makes the whole process a bit easier.

But that’s not all the Maiar app offers. You can also reach different levels on the app to perform various tasks. These include inviting friends to the app, the number of learning stickers you earn, or the amount of eGold you own. eGold (also known as EGLD) is a crypto coin that you can buy or earn through staking. And yes, the Maiar app also allows you to bet!

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You can bet using Maiar by going to your wallet and clicking on your eGold fund. Just click on the To earn and look at the available staking providers that you can use. You can then decide how much of your eGold you want to stake. Keep in mind that you need a pre-existing amount of eGold (usually 1 EGLD) to start the staking process.

To download: Maiar for Android | iOS (free)

3. Electroneum

Electroneum is a solid option for people who want to pay for products or services using their crypto funds. However, it is important to remember that you must own Electroneum (ETN) to make payments using this app.

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You can use the ETN Everywhere feature of the app to find out what services or goods you can pay for with your ETN. This changes based on your current location, so be sure to tell the app where you are to find the options that are right for you. You can also check which exchanges support ETN trading through the Electroneum app.

Additionally, you can use the app’s AnyTask platform to earn ETNs by doing work in various fields including photography, writing, graphic design, and more. And, if you’re feeling charitable, you can donate to a range of global charities and non-governmental organizations using the ETN Donate feature through the Electroneum app.

To download: Electroneum for Android | iOS (free)

4. Payment by the bottle

Unlike the other apps listed here, Bottlepay is only designed for a few functions. You can exchange Bitcoin for legal tender, or vice versa, add funds to your crypto wallet and send or request payments via Bitcoin. Additionally, you can make social media payments using the Bottlepay app.

Just keep in mind that Bottlepay only supports Bitcoin as its only fiat currency, so this probably isn’t the app for you if you’re more interested in using altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, or Dogecoin.

You can also add contacts directly from your phone’s contact list to make payments faster and easier, connect your social media accounts for payments, and set up scheduled payments or transactions. The app itself is pretty straightforward, but very useful if its features match your needs.

To download: Bottlepay for Android | iOS (free)

These apps make crypto payments fast and easy

With the above apps, you can send money and make payments using your crypto funds in just a few steps. Note that you need to verify your identity before using these apps, but once this information is approved, you are free to add crypto funds, pay for goods and services, or send payments.


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