December 7, 2022

Starbucks fans notice abandoned items appear on their apps

Reddit user Torirock10 commented on his own post, expressing his frustration by writing “this is [the protein bowl] even more on the app to order like that, come on guys, “punctuating the complaint with a rolling eye emoji. Another user responded by writing,” Guess no one is getting bonus stars this week . “

And, it looks like the issue extends beyond discontinued items to also include items that are out of stock, meaning customers still couldn’t get their desired bonus stars. As one user wrote, the app “gave me items that were out of stock for weeks.” Another appeared to question whether the item suggestion algorithms in the app were flawed, claiming that they always bought hot lattes, but the app only listed one iced latte among the items they could. buy for bonus stars.

In response to the Reddit user SprinklesOk3889With the post about stopping the Violet drink appearing in their app, user miniguy555, who identified himself as an assistant store manager on the subreddit, appeared to blame the Starbucks company, writing that “I have no idea why the purple drink is even a possibility to get for these promotions, but I’m not surprised the company is so detached that they forgot to remove it as an option.” It seems that until the issue is resolved, fans may have a hard time collecting these bonus stars.