December 7, 2022

Soul App Joins TikTok Among Top 100 Most Downloaded, Top-grossing Apps Globally In H1 2021


SHANGHAI, November 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Ten Chinese Apps Including TikTok, QQ and Soul App Rank in World’s Top 100 Entertainment Apps by Downloads and Revenue, According to New Report by Mobile Data Analytics Platform Sensor Tower.

Sensor Tower points out that in the second quarter of 2021, entertainment apps reported more than $ 2.1 billion in revenue from in-app purchases worldwide, a record in recent years. Of the top 100 entertainment apps by revenue in the world, 20 were developed by Chinese companies. In addition to music and streaming categories, social media apps demonstrate the potential of becoming cash cows. For example, SOUL, a metaverse social platform for young people, remained on the list for two consecutive years.

The first digital natives to grow up with the rise of the internet, Gen Zers benefit from a wide range of entertainment and social options and are fast becoming a major driver of consumer spending. SOUL is gaining traction with Gen Z due to the creation by application of an “otherworldly” experience where users are immersed in a wide range of social activities. Data shows Soul App has garnered tens of thousands of downloads, ranking in the top 10 free apps on the App Store in China in September 2021. Monthly active users almost doubled on a monthly basis; 35% of them belong to the category of daily active users. On average, Soul users viewed the app 21 times with a usage time of 49 minutes per day. The platform recorded an average of 66 peer-to-peer messages per person per day, even more than some instant messaging products.

It is SOUL’s design that has won the enthusiastic recognition of digital natives. “There is currently no app on the market that allows users to free themselves from the fear of being judged when they post what they are feeling in their hearts and what they are thinking in everyday life. , and to hear an instantaneous and sincere resonance. Why don’t we move our physical social lives online, letting everyone bond and play with peers of the same age, anytime and anywhere? ”Said the founder of Soul App Zhang Lu years ago. SOUL was first uploaded in november 2016 with a commitment to relieve loneliness and bring a sense of happiness in social interactions and expression.

Five years later, SOUL remains true to its ideal of encouraging young people to express themselves freely and to share who they really are. To make that happen, he redesigned the way people connect and created a distinct design. This has allowed the app to resonate with younger users, as evidenced by its impressive penetration rate among the Gen-Z cohort. Of around 34 million monthly active users, over 70% are Gen Zers. Guided by its vision of “building a social metaverse for the younger generations”, SOUL also introduced new social scenarios to improve its user experience in the social metaverse.

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