May 14, 2022

Scott Morrison says he gets free rapid antigen tests

Scott Morrison got stuck with a question just days after telling Australia you can’t ‘just go around and make it all free’.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has revealed that he has never personally purchased a rapid Covid test and either gets taxpayer-funded tests for free at work or his wife finds them.

Just days after telling voters Australia is at that point in the pandemic where you can’t ‘just shop around and make it all free’, the PM confirmed they were free for him to work and for the other ministers.

Although he earns $ 550,000 a year, this places the Prime Minister among the unemployed who will benefit from rapid, taxpayer-funded antigen tests in 2022.

Mr Morrison revealed his access to free rapid tests – which became known as RATs – when he was put on the spot at a press conference in Canberra over whether he had ever personally purchased a Covid test.

“Which I’ll have to check with Jen, because she’s the one going to look for them in these situations,” Mr. Morrison said.

He revealed that officials are being dispatched to purchase the tests which are distributed by the Prime Minister’s Ministry and Cabinet.

For private use, the prime minister said his wife Jen had purchased tests from “the pharmacist or wherever she went.”

“When they are used for private purposes, Jen has been to the pharmacist or wherever she has gone.

“I think recently she went to one here in Canberra, like everyone else who drives looking for one. But when they are provided by the ministry and I would be no different from any other minister or anyone under these circumstances.

On December 22, the Prime Minister previously claimed that he personally obtained a rapid antigen test from Terrigal.

“I’ll give you an example, a concrete example. I was in this situation last week, I attended an event where I was informed that I had met someone who had the Covid, ” he said.

“I went there, I did a Covid test at the local pharmacy. In Terrigal. I took one. Took the test. It was negative. I didn’t need the government telling me to do anything.

This response seems at odds with Mr Morrison’s claim this week that the tests came from the ministry or his wife. has confirmed that the test at Terrigal was not personally purchased by Mr Morrison but by a member of his team.

The Prime Minister’s chauffeured car pulled up at the pharmacist and Mr Morrison remained in the car as his employee entered to buy him the test.

Earlier this week, Mr Morrison said Sunrise that making the tests free for everyone would not work.

“We are now at another stage in this pandemic where we just cannot go around and make everything free,” he said.

“We have to live with this virus. It’s not a drug, it’s a test. And so there is a difference between those two things.

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