December 7, 2022

Richard Madden and Salma Hayek support ‘Eternals’ love scene


LOS ANGELES (AP) – Marvel’s new film “Eternals” has broken the mold in an area the studio has pointedly avoided for years: superhero sex.

This is the first time in 26 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that an intimate marital moment is visibly shown between two characters. The scene – portrayed by Oscar-winning director Chloe Zhao – had already made headlines ahead of the film’s theatrical release on Friday.

But Richard Madden, who plays Ikaris, said any superhero sex-focused title is “just a little rude.” He calls the love scene involving his character and Gemma Chan’s Sersi an “intimate moment.”

“We’re trying to tell a love story and we’re trying to show an intimacy and a delicacy of people who have been together for so many, many years,” Madden said of their characters, who fell in love thousands ago. years during the Babylonian Empire. He said the scene marked “a big part of the start of their relationship.”

The couple are members of a race of immortal beings who have spent 7,000 years on Earth defending the world against rivals known as the Deviants.

“It’s a nice glimpse of this world,” he continued. “And you know, in our acting heads, I can think of it a lot less superheroes doing this thing and more than two characters sharing an intimate moment.”

The film won the weekend’s box office, earning $ 71 million nationally, but divided critics and audiences more than any other Marvel Studios film.

The sexually suggestive scenes have not been shown in previous Marvel projects, especially since most of these films appeal to children. There was a one-night stand between Tony Stark and a reporter in 2008’s “Iron Man”, but nothing risky was shown.

“Eternals” carries a PG-13 rating in part because of his “brief sexuality.”

Salma Hayek, who plays the superhero Ajak, calls Zhao a “very elegant filmmaker”. She said the director’s take on love and sex is different.

“There’s an elegance to it,” said Salma Hayek, who thinks the scene fits the overall themes of the film, which also include a kiss between people of the same sex. The actor said the film explores love and is portrayed in “different realms”.

“It is the love between a man and a woman, the love between a man and a man,” continued Hayek. “The love of duty. Love for planet Earth, love for friendship, love for parenthood. You know, he explores love in different ways. Why wouldn’t there be a love scene.

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