December 7, 2022

Restaurateur, Marine supports Anthem | New

The Foothills Focus, in partnership with the Anthem Veterans Memorial, will honor a local veteran each month. This is the story of Ryan Ladiser.

Rya Ladiser enlisted in the US Marine Corps after graduating from high school in Seattle.

“My dad is an Army veteran who served in Vietnam,” Ladiser said.

“My grandfather is a Marine who served in World War II. I don’t know if my family’s military background really had anything to do with my service. Honestly, I was like so many kids graduating from the high school who didn’t have a plan or idea for the future. I knew I wasn’t ready for college, and deep down I knew I needed discipline and maturity.

When he completed his basic training in San Diego, he was sent to Camp Pendleton, where he trained as an amphibious assault crewman.

“I was a very good swimmer and passed all the swimming tests with ease. It was a natural transition for me to train on this equipment,” he said.

“Joining the Marines was the best decision of my life. It gave me confidence, forced me to grow and taught me valuable lessons. After the Marines, I was ready for college and the next chapter of my adult life.

After graduating from ASU, Ladiser worked as a food consultant in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

“When COVID hit and jobs in the food industry declined daily, I decided it was time to take all of this acquired knowledge and try it out as a restaurant owner,” Ladiser said.

“I was lucky that the boom in the industry happened soon after I bought” Tennessee Grill. He said he enjoys giving back to the community through the restaurant.

“The greatest satisfaction I have from owning this business is employing people from this community and giving back to the community where I can,” Ladiser said.

“There is tremendous pride in providing a paycheck and a place to work for community members. We have an amazing team of dedicated workers at Tennessee Grill.

He said he felt lucky to have served in peacetime, but he adamantly supports those who have defended the country, protected freedoms and made the United States “what it is.”

“I am honored to serve as the food vendor at this year’s Veterans Day Ceremony at the Anthem Veterans Memorial,” he added. “I hope everyone will take part in this year’s Veterans Day Ceremony to honor, salute and support our veterans and their families. Can’t wait to see everyone at the Anthem Veterans Memorial on November 11th. It will be a great morning. Come early, have breakfast and listen to the free concert before the ceremony.

Veterans Day Ceremony

Friday November 11

•9:30 a.m. Free Patriotic Music Concert by ProMusica AZ Orchestra and Chorale

•9:30 a.m. All Vietnam War veterans are invited to a pinning ceremony in front of the stage

•10am The ceremony begins

•11:11 a.m. Solar spot and conclusion of the program

Places are limited and garden chairs are encouraged.

The Anthem Veterans Memorial is located at 41703 N. Gavilan Peak Parkway

For more information visit