December 7, 2022

REPORTS: LeBron James reunion looms for Kyrie Irving as Lakers interested after Kevin Durant Nets stalemate

The season is over and we have the last NBA winner. The Golden State Warriors are the champions. The happiest team after the season. Where every team would aim to improve next season, a few of the teams would be desperate to make some big changes. One such team is the Los Angeles Lakers led by LeBron James.

The Lakers had high hopes as a group with the amount of experience on the roster. The team was filled with veterans who knew how to win games. With Anthony Davis and Malik Monk, they also had the energy of youth. But even with the likes of LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis, only LeBron performed at the level expected of him. For the next season, it looks like LeBron could get some extra help and a partner who has proven just how deadly he can be in the past.


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Kyrie Irving and the Nets are at an impasse in conversations over his future in Brooklyn, paving the way for the seven-time All-Star to consider the free market. The Lakers and Knicks should emerge among potential suitors. The Athletic’s Shams Charania reports that Kyrie Irving may be looking for a squad change for next season. The Nets would allow that to happen as they are unsure of his continuation in the franchise.


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The Lakers, Knicks and Clippers should be among the interested suitors if Irving comes out. That means there’s a very good chance we’ll see LeBron and Kyrie teaming up. Giving us the Cavaliers partnership that was absolutely deadly in its day. And in all fairness, the Lakers could use a player like Kyrie Irving to bolster their roster. Because he is a player who has proven that he can win games throughout the season.

The Brooklyn Nets point of view

Much like the Lakers, the Nets were also hoping for a successful season early in the season. But it didn’t happen that way. With the trio of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden, the list seemed stacked and destined to be one of the best. But as the season progressed, it was quite the opposite. Additionally, Harden left in February to join the 76ers. They qualified for the playoffs, but the Boston Celtics swept them 4-0. Much like the Lakers, they were also disappointed and must look to improve next season.

March 29, 2022; Brooklyn, New York, USA; Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant (7) reacts to guard Kyrie Irving (11) during the third quarter against the Detroit Pistons at Barclays Center. The Nets beat the Pistons 130-123. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner – USA TODAY Sports

Now, the two perspectives that involve trading are the two teams and two players (mostly). If the Nets decide to let go of Kyrie, they will need to find a player of the caliber to lead the lineup with KD. Otherwise, letting Kyrie go would be the opposite of the team’s progress going forward.

LeBron James – Kyrie Irving partnership with the Lakers roster

On the other hand, the Lakers, on the face of it, also lacked the mentality and quality to win. While LeBron gave his best in his 19th season, it still wasn’t enough. Neither Russ nor AD fired regularly. While AD missed many games through injury, Russ simply had one of the worst seasons of his career. There was no doubt about their quality, but they failed to live up to expectations.


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Now, if Kyrie actually ends up at the Lakers, it would be a big boost for them in every way. Assuming they can manage such a high salary cap and keep all of their major, well-paid stars, a team of LeBron, AD, Russ and Kyrie looks absolutely insane, at least on paper.

Technically, the decision must also have input from Darvin Ham, on how he wants to run the team. It’s also possible the Lakers will let go of one of their superstars to manage salaries and reunite LeBron with Kyrie.


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Although it’s still in its early stages, we’ve yet to see what each team will look like in the upcoming season. The prospect of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving playing together certainly brings a lot of excitement.