December 7, 2022

Principal Jennings reports on BHS senior status | News

BREMEN—Bruce Jennings, Head of Bremen Secondary School (BHS), reported on senior status at the last school board meeting, as requested at the January board meeting. According to current figures, the promotion is 145, which includes eight foreign students. “If that holds true at 145, it will be the largest graduating class in school history, I believe,” Jennings said. Eleven students will graduate early and about 12 students are at risk of not graduating with their classmates.

Of that number, half are striving for a Core 40 degree. fall,” Jennings explained.

According to the report, it is not uncommon at this time of year to have six to 12 seniors at BHS who may not graduate on time. The administration will direct these students through Edgenuity Credit Recovery, a self-paced learning and pretesting software that will help determine what students have mastered according to state and national standards. “I hope this helps,” Jennings said. “But there are a few kids who may not graduate on time, despite that. And that sometimes happens: they don’t graduate until late summer or early fall.

This year, graduation is set for May 27. With this date coming up quickly, BHS is doing everything it can to help everyone graduate. “Each year, BHS staff members strive to achieve a 100% graduation rate; however, it is certainly an annual challenge to get some students to cross the finish line and successfully complete this chapter of their lives by graduating from high school,” Jennings explained.