December 7, 2022

Police refute reports of gang rape of Korangi factory worker

Police and family members of a woman who was found dead in a plot in Korangi a week ago have branded stories circulating on social media about her gang rape as “fake news”.

Some social media claimed that the woman was an employee of a denim manufacturing company, Artistic Milliners, in the industrial area of ​​Korangi and that she had been drugged and raped in the office by 20 to 22 men throughout the night before her departure. to be killed. However, the company and the police have refuted this information, saying it was concocted for blackmail.

The woman’s family refused to allow her body to be exhumed for an autopsy after stories of the alleged rape circulated on social media. “The woman was found dead in the Karim Ground of Korangi area on September 1,” said Korangi SDPO Arshad Leghari, who was also appointed as an investigator in the case.

The body was kept at the Chhipa morgue before being handed over to the family, who buried the deceased on September 4. no torture or rape when her body was found and when she was buried,” DSP Leghari said, adding that the woman was a drug addict and apparently died of an overdose. He said the woman lived near Karim Ground within the confines of the Zaman Town police station.

DSP Leghari said police have so far found no evidence to suggest the woman was raped. He added that the fake story was made up and spread by so-called journalists for blackmail purposes.

Enterprise version

After the Artistic Milliners were named in the rape story, the company released a statement refuting reports that a gang rape had occurred on its premises. He said some unscrupulous elements wanted to extort money from the company through blackmail, and the Federal Investigation Agency had opened investigations in this regard.

The company said the Sindh Labor Eastern Division General Directorate and Korangi SSP investigated the allegation and found no evidence to support a gang rape. The statement said the company is committed to ensuring the safety of its workforce on its premises and has followed international occupational safety standards.

Korangi Trade and Industry Association (KATI) chairman Muhammad Salman Aslam also expressed concern about the circulation of unverified reports and wrote a letter to the police. “We reiterate that Artistic Milliners (Pvt) limited is a very long and valued member of KATI. It is one of Pakistan’s largest exporters, earning valuable foreign exchange for Pakistan and enjoying an excellent reputation among industries,” the letter reads.

The association demanded action against those who concocted the story. District Korangi SSP Faisal Bashir Memon responded to KATI’s letter, in which he stated that no evidence of gang rape allegations made by a web channel, Dhoom Plus, had been found.

He wrote in the letter that a journalist Sagir Buledi, a member of the Sindh Sajagi Labor Federation, operated the Dhoom Plus channel on Facebook, where he uploaded the fake story.