December 7, 2022

One of the leading stock trading apps with powerful tools

Some mobile-first trading platforms lack powerful tools to simplify applications. If you want to perform any type of stock analysis, you need a third-party service. The moomoo application is a good solution in this case. Moomoo is not only a commission-free trading platform for stocks, ETFs and options, but also an integrated platform with powerful tools to optimize users’ trading experience throughout their trading lifecycle. investment.

Is Moomoo legit?

Moomoo’s parent company is Nasdaq-listed FinTech giant Futu Holdings Ltd (FUTU), whose subsidiaries are licensed and regulated in the United States, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong with over 18 million users*. In the United States, Moomoo securities are offered by Futu Inc., regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

The most popular tools on moomoo

Below are the most preferred and frequently used features by moomoo users.

Free Paper Trade

You can use visual money to simulate stock market trading, it’s a great way for beginners to learn about the markets, practice trading skills and build confidence in trading and for professional traders to test new strategies. Moreover, there are more than 2500 free investment courses on moomoo, you can learn everything you need to know about investing, from beginners to advanced investors.

Free real-time level 2 market data

Real-time and detailed price information is important for optimal trading decisions for novice, dynamic or speculative investors. One of the best features of moomoo is that it offers real-time level 2 market data, updated every 0.3 seconds, and it’s free!

Earnings Calendar

You can access the upcoming earnings calendar, conference call, and earnings interpretations from the companies you follow. Initially, it saves your time searching the internet and you can set up alerts for your target businesses.

Smart search tools

There is a set of user-friendly and essential tools for selecting and monitoring stocks.

With the moomoo stock screener, you can customize it with more than 100 indicators to filter the stocks that best meet your criteria in just a few clicks.

If you want to know the holdings and portfolios of institutional funds, such as Warren Buffet, then you are here! Moomoo provides the current list of stocks held by stellar institutions with a collection of comprehensive reports to ensure you get the information in one view.

The moomoo heatmap provides a direct view of the market by block size, color and shade, like TradingView. it can be represented by market cap, volume, and revenue. You can also share the heat map with your friends.

You may not have enough time to keep an eye on the market all the time, so AI Monitor will help you a lot! It monitors every stock movement in the market and keeps you informed 24/7 with AI-driven alerts, helping you seize every investment opportunity!

You can share your ideas and be inspired by others in the moo community of over 18 million active users*. Of course, there are ongoing promotions and events in the community!

It can be frustrating for many investors to analyze the large volume of company data. However, moomoo visualizes financial, fundamental, technical and capital data for each company. You can view stock market data displayed in an easy-to-read format. you can easily and quickly understand your selected stocks with comprehensive data dimensions, it helps you relive the complicated research work.

Moomoo is available for all terminals, including iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices. You can have powerful research tools with your “Trade and Invest anytime and anywhere” mobile app! In conclusion, if you are looking for a professional trading application on your mobile, moomoo is an excellent choice! You can find the right tools on moomoo for your investing and trading goals, whether you’re a value investor or a technical trader!

*user data as of 06/15/22

Moomoo is a financial information and trading application offered by Moomoo Technologies Inc. In the United States, investment products and services on Moomoo are offered by Moomoo Financial Inc., member FINRA/SIPC. Any illustrations, scenarios, or specific titles referenced herein are strictly for illustrative purposes. Past performance of investments does not guarantee future results. Investing involves risk and the possibility of losing capital.

Level 2 data is free for moomoo users who have an approved brokerage account with Moomoo Financial Inc.

US residents trading US securities can trade commission-free using the moomoo app through Moomoo Financial Inc.