November 23, 2022

New York’s Best Sports Betting Apps for Super Bowl Betting | Affiliate

Bettors could instead opt for a $1,000 risk-free bet to use on the Super Bowl. This offer allows a bettor to place their first real money bet knowing that if the bet loses they will get back up to $1000 in site credit. For example, if a bettor bets $800 on the Bengals to win, but the Rams win the game, BetMGM NY will issue a refund of $800 in site credit.

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DraftKings Sportsbook 56-1 odds boost and $1,000 deposit bonus

When it comes to a multi-deal promotion, DraftKings NY might have the best. Technically, the three offers available to new users come in the form of three separate promotions, but they are still easily accessible. Bettors can get a 56-to-1 odds increase to use on the Bengals or Rams, turning a $5 winning bet into a $280 bonus. When creating an account, bettors can also get a 20% deposit bonus up to $1,000. This means that DraftKings NY will issue $20 for every $100 deposited into a new player’s account.

Another offer any bettor should consider is the DraftKings Free Million Dollar Super Bowl Bet promotion. This promotion is expected to issue $10 million in free bets, including up to five $1 million free bets. The promo is accessible via the promotions tab or on the app’s home screen and is free.