December 7, 2022

MWWC reports impressive earning potential

Marketing Worldwide Corp. (OTCMKTS: MWWC) released some big news on Wednesday. Its prominence could take the title to new heights. Be sure to get ahead of the bulls by doing your research today.


  1. Earnings, earnings, earnings– $MWWC projects mining royalty revenue on its Minosis platform in 2022
  2. ONLY BETA! These earnings projections are based on beta testing, once this is open to the public these numbers could skyrocket
  3. Low BTC – Bitcoin prices are coming off their lows, with projections of the price rising 50-100% in the coming months, these numbers will in turn rise.
  4. Only one vertical! $MWWC’s revenue projections are based on transaction, hash rental and mining fees from beta testers, they still have trade deals to consider as well as…
  5. MWWC buried the lead! MWWC is launching its own coin, $MWS, which could be the group’s biggest revenue generator.
  6. The timing is perfect for investors – Several technical indicators show that MWWC stock is on the verge of a crash.

Marketing Worldwide Corp. (OTCMKTS: MWWC), a developer of a proprietary crypto-mining platform, Minosis, shared the results of its beta testing with the public. In the past 45 days, the company has had over 1000 beta testers using its V.4 software to mine crypto.

These tests resulted in the successful production of Etherium and Bitcoin. The fees generated by these activities allow $MWWC to project ~$235,000 in profits in 2022. The system has also encountered a few bugs which it is in the process of fixing. Marketing Worldwide CEO Jason Schlenk said, “At one point we were attacked by bots at a rate of 110 hits per second, and the website retained its integrity. Although attacks are a problem, the fact that the platform has held up is a good sign.

Earnings, Global Launch and Bullish Bitcoin

MWWC projects positive earnings based on a small test group of miners. Again, these are profits, not just revenues. This shows that its Minosis platform is viable. This will be key should the company ever need to raise capital. It will be easier to obtain non-dilutive financing, which is advantageous for shareholders. When Minosis goes public, those numbers could go up a lot more.

“Minosis is in BETA V.4 and is almost ready for its global debut.” As Bitcoin is on its longest rally since September, the price of BTC and therefore the value of the Minosis platform and $MWWC shares could be double what they are now. Some analysts, such as FSInsights, are asking for $200,000 BTC. At $44,000 on Feb. 9, this would represent a major increase in MWWC’s potential value.

MWWC’s true value could be even greater

Minosis user fees will certainly be the backbone of MWWC’s revenue potential, but the company has several other revenue-generating verticals. The one that may be the biggest earner, in the long run, is their proprietary coin, the Minosis Token $MWS.

MWWC has retained BlockchainX (a popular crypto solution provider) to manage the release of $MNS on the Binance Smart Chain which offers lower gas fees and accessibility for users.

Think of MWWC retaining BlockchainX like a private company securing an investment bank ahead of an IPO.

It’s enormous. Coin developers, like MWWC, make money from their coins in a number of ways. Not only do they usually keep 5-20% of the total coins on the market, but they also usually profit from fees. MWWC’s $MWS will generate fees for the company through its use on the Minosis platform.


Looking at the daily chart, MWWC has formed higher lows and looks set to test the upper Bollinger Band.

The next 3 resistance points to watch are:

  1. $0.0069
  2. $0.0075
  3. $0.0081

With more news slated for next week according to the company’s Twitter, these could easily be breached.

Barchart rates $MWWC as a “BUY”.

Key metrics evaluating MWWC as a buy include:

  • 20-day moving average
  • 50-day moving average
  • 100 day moving average
  • 150 day moving average
  • 200 day moving average
  • MACD oscillator 20-50 days
  • MACD oscillator 20-200 days
  • MACD oscillator 50-200 days
  • MACD oscillator 100-200 days

MWWC requires your immediate attention.

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