December 7, 2022

Millions of payday and home loan customers only have weeks to request repayment

OVER four million borrowers could owe cash after taking out payday and home loans.

Provident Financial clients could get money back for badly sold loans, even after paying off the debt years ago.


Borrowers Can Get Cash Back For Unaffordable LoansCredit: Getty

Home loans from Provident and Greenwood, payday loans through Satsuma, and guarantor loans through Glo were given to many people who could not afford them.

Former customers now have until the end of February to claim a share of a £ 50million jar set aside to reimburse those that have been mis-sold.

The borrower repayment program was agreed in August of last year, but offers less than the full amount owed to them.

Borrowers could still get hundreds of dollars in money they otherwise wouldn’t have – and they could also have bad credit scores taken from their credit reports.

Sara Williams from the blog Debt camel Told The Sun: “The provident loans were only meant for short-term borrowing – that’s why the interest rate was so high.

“But Provident did not do proper checks on borrowers. Hundreds of thousands of people have borrowed from Provident continuously for years.

“They have a good chance of getting a claim for an ‘unaffordable loan’ – even if they made all the repayments on time!

“If you win, you’ll get back some of the interest you paid – it’s worth applying.”

Anyone who took out a loan from Provident, Satsuma, Greenwood and Glo between April 6, 2007 and December 17, 2020 may be eligible for reimbursement.

If the loan was unaffordable, it is worth applying, for example if you cannot afford to repay or have had to borrow more money to meet your needs and get into debt.

Before the current plan was accepted and Provident reimbursed in full, it confirmed 75% of claims made.

How much you get back will depend on how much you borrowed and for how long, as well as how many other people are asking for a repayment, as there is a set amount of money to give.

The money will be distributed after the refund program closes at 5 p.m. on February 28, 2022.

It will not be right away, as each claim must be assessed and the amounts due calculated.

How to request a refund

To make a claim if you think you got an unaffordable loan from Provident, Satsuma, Greenwood, or Glo, go to

You can submit a claim online or by calling 0800 0568936, or you can download a form to send.

Filing a complaint is free. Beware of claims management companies that say they will do it on your behalf because they will take some of the money you get back.

You will need a Program ID to submit your request, which should have been emailed or lettered to you, but you can call the number above if you don’t have it.

You won’t need your loan details to make the claim, says Sara, but you may need to show proof of default or CCJ and it may come from your credit report if it’s over. for the past six years.

It is best to make a complaint as early as possible – just in case there is a problem submitting information before the deadline.

Sara also informs you that you can also make a new claim if you were denied a refund before or if you accepted a small amount because the company rejected too many claims before.

She also says in her guide to claims that you can make a claim if you paid the loan on time, defaulted or if the loan was sold to a debt collector.

None of the four companies are currently lending to new customers and Provident has written off home loans outstanding as of December 31, 2021.

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