December 7, 2022

Lowest Paid Counties in New Hampshire |


Overall, Americans were doing well financially heading into 2020, with major markers like unemployment hitting their lowest level in 50 years. The pandemic has changed everything: During the second quarter of fiscal 2020, our country’s real GDP fell by 31.4%, a figure that has not been seen since the Great Depression. As the economy makes a comeback, things are still far from where they were in 2019.

One scorer that has far exceeded its 2019 position is that of income inequality in the United States. Low-wage industries have been decimated by the pandemic, leaving millions of people out of work or in positions for which they were overqualified. Meanwhile, nearly one in five households in the United States earns less than $ 25,000 a year, while over 6% have an annual income of less than $ 10,000.

Where you live can have a big impact on your financial situation. Stacker compiled a list of the lowest paying counties in New Hampshire using data from the United States Census Bureau. Counties are ranked according to the 2019 Census 5-year median household income estimate. Read on to see where people in your state earn the least.

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