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A brief history of office machine printer releases for HP over the years.

NEW YORK, May 9, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — With December 2000 being a truly special month, HP delivered its 50 millionth LaserJet printer since the mid-1990s continues support services for maintenance of HP LaserJet and HP Design Jet printers http: // started in 1994 with the Laser Jet 2, 3 and 4 series machines.

Here’s a little history of HP machines from a technician’s perspective and why we love supporting them.

In the year 2002 the HP LaserJet 8150 was discontinued, the machine was excellent in its durability and like its predecessor the HP Laser Jet 8100 it can see a page count exceeding 14 million pages, with plenty of life remaining, its replacement started a new series the 9000 series, which produced 50 pages per minute.

Hence the LaserJet 4000 evolved to 4100 then 4200, later 4250 and 4300 later LaserJet 4350), which brought speeds of up to 55 pages per minute, subsequent machines went to the p-series naming with improved speeds like the HP Laser Jet P4515x series.

In 2003, HP delivered its 75 millionth LaserJet printer, the start of something new in November 2003the Laser Jet line of machines was refreshed, HP entered the $24 billion copier market, the LaserJet 9055 multifunction printers, a line of high-volume copier-based HP multifunction printers.

In 2006, total HP LaserJet sales reached 100 million, an incredible number and an achievement with a solid reputation for reliability in the global office environment and the corporate world.

The HP brand was established for durability, speed and fantastic print quality, the printers continue to perform and we have continued to support and provide on-site technical assistance nationally and locally with our network of HP-trained technicians for expedited mobile service calls, please contact us. by email

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