December 7, 2022

Inter Berner Dubois reports 2021 financial services report


MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, December 6, 2021 / – Inter Berner Dubois today published its balance sheet and business outlook for 2022.

Across the financial services industry as a whole, transaction activity has remained strong as financial institutions seek new opportunities to invest capital, improve their digital platform strategies, and adjust their operations and activities accordingly. response to the increased focus on ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) and achieved their net zero targets.

At the same time, the capital markets landscape for financial institutions is changing, with market participants experimenting with new and innovative ways to raise funds. Overall, these recent events signal a robust trading environment for the sector and an overall positive outlook for 2022.

“We had another strong quarterly performance with positive operational leverage in each of our businesses, which contributed to high profit potential for fiscal 2021,” said Richard Palmer, Director of Asset Management at Inter Berner Dubois. “We are now making significant progress in our strategy with the upcoming release of our artificial intelligence-based trading platform. This will make us a future-ready financial services company, underpinned by our winning culture. “

Inter Berner Dubois’ strong and continuing financial performance has enabled it to invest more in its workforce, customers and communities. The company will continue to be a force for positive change, especially as a primary partner of its clients in the transition to a net zero planet.

“As we look to 2022, we will continue to position our business for growth with the ensuing economic recovery. We are making a strategic investment in technology and talent to improve the customer experience and provide cutting-edge advice to help them achieve real success, ”added Palmer.

There are many unknowns ahead for 2022 – market adjustments, changes in tax laws, inflation, to name a few. Inter Berner Dubois is ready to take on any challenge and will demonstrate agility and adaptability to best serve the interests of its clients as conditions change.

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