November 23, 2022

‘I am the return on investment’: Sue Violi | New

Sue Violi would be the first to tell you that she may not have been ready for student life the first time around, but the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) was ready for her when the time came.

“I graduated with a general studies degree in 2013, so this was my second visit to the UN,” Violi said. “When I went to UNO right out of high school, I got involved in cheerleading and thought, at the time, I wanted to be a teacher. I realized I wasn’t cut out. to teach.

Violi left the UN and life unfolded, preventing him from returning to complete his studies. She got married and started a family. She began her career, often working in organizations or community-focused roles. His career has included experiences with the Greater Omaha Chamber, McCarthy Group, the Omaha World-Herald and the Metropolitan Entertainment & Convention Authority (MECA).

Once her eldest daughter was ready to graduate from high school, she revisited the idea of ​​getting a college degree.

“I called a counselor – Katie Sup Rezac is the best ever – and she really helped me understand what I had done in my career and how it could help me get a degree,” she said. “We went through my entire resume and based on our conversations and what I saw myself doing over the next five to 10 years, I found [the general studies] program.”

The UNO and its College of Public Affairs and Community Services devised a study plan for Violi that was structured around her work experiences, past college credits, and future goals. Flexible course offerings helped her complete her degree while working full time and raising three children.

Even better: she found the classes interesting and even knew some faculty members from her past work in the community.

“The teachers were people I had worked with in different roles. The classes were relevant to me and, I hate to say it now, but it was very easy to do. I was definitely more engaged than when I was 18,” Violi said. “I love that the UNO welcomes any student at any time in their life, and I’m grateful that the UNO welcomed me and helped me achieve my career goals.”

Since graduating, Violi has fully embraced the Maverick spirit. “As a former cheerleader, for me, Maverick Spirit is the enthusiasm you can bring to your job, your role, your family and your community,” she said.

In her recent role with MECA, she used that enthusiasm for the community to promote The RiverFront, which is made up of the recently opened Gene Leahy Mall, as well as Lewis & Clark Landing and Heartland of America Park. She has worked to educate area businesses and community groups about The RiverFront, its progress, mission and goals.

With the first phase of The RiverFront now open to the public, Violi has since taken his Maverick Spirit to a new role at Baxter Auto. Wherever she goes, she knows she stays connected to the Omaha community and, of course, the Maverick community.

“I absolutely encourage others to go to the UN because it’s accepting everyone and has provided me with a valuable education. They accept you wherever you are in life and then you become part of that community, part of the Maverick team, and you’re emboldened and inspired by the Maverick spirit wherever you go.