December 7, 2022

Huawei calls all students and mobile app developers to this year’s Apps Up contest – Manila Bulletin

Huawei’s global app innovation competition, Apps UP, is now open to all students, mobile app developers, hobbyists, professionals with an existing app or ideas for developing a new app. Apps UP is a global event hosted by Huawei that brings together developer talent from around the world to create an app ecosystem that intelligently connects everything. It aims to inspire developers to innovate, bring people, devices and scenarios together, and create better app experiences for users. The deadline for submitting applications is October 9, 2022.

HMS Core, which is based on Huawei devices and the Android platform, is a mobile service framework that provides application developers with a variety of service capabilities. It offers basic services to Huawei end users such as HUAWEI ID, payments and notifications. It provides tools and services for third-party developers to build their own apps.

In June 2022, the total number of registered Huawei developers reached 5.75 million. Over 216,000 applications have been integrated with HMS Core globally by June 2022. HMS Core continues to develop innovative and open multi-device, cross-OS and full-scene capabilities while providing solutions to multiple industries.

Joining Apps UP has many benefits that participants will appreciate. Apps UP can help developers accelerate their app launch and bring it to market sooner, as developers can receive technical support and improve the functionality of their apps with HMS starter kits. Publishing its app on HUAWEI AppGallery will also provide developers with a platform to reach 730 million monthly active users of HUAWEI devices.

Simply register with your HUAWEI ID to participate. Developers can participate individually or as part of a team of up to four members. Submitted works must include at least one open HMS feature or service and must work well on devices with HMS installed. The judging process will include a review by judges who are industry leaders, followed by a public vote. In December 2022, the winners of the 9 award categories will be announced.

Developers can submit their applications before 6:00 p.m. on October 9, 2022 (UTC +8).

To register for Apps UP 2022, please visit:

Huawei’s App Innovation Competition aims to inspire talented developers around the world to create seamless, intelligent and innovative digital experiences, as well as explore the future of digital intelligence. The competition provides app developers with the tools to build the fully connected world of tomorrow by showcasing pioneering HMS open capabilities.

The competition will take place throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, and China. HUAWEI has set aside over $1 million in prizes for the contest.

In the APAC region, a total prize pool of $200,000 in cash will be shared among the top 21 winners in the following categories:

  • Best app x4 ($15,000)
  • Best Game x2 ($15,000)
  • Best social impact x1 ($15,000)
  • HMS x2 Best Innovation Award ($10,000)
  • Tech Women Award x3 ($8,000)
  • AppGallery Rising Star app x3 ($7,000)
  • All-Scenario Cover Reward x1 ($7,000)
  • Student Innovation Award x4 ($5,000)
  • Most Popular App x1 ($3,000)

Besides winning these prizes, there are many other reasons to join Apps UP 2022.

Accelerate the launch of your application

Get your product to market faster with more technical support.

Reach Millions

Get noticed by the people who matter, from users to potential partners and investors, and gain global media promotion opportunities for your apps.

Learn from the best

Join exclusive workshops and get hands-on coaching from top Huawei engineers.

The Alpha team, consisting of two members, Supuni D. Jayasinghe and Krishalika Dilani, is the Apps UP 2021 winner of the “Best HMS Core Innovation Award”. Their app, Land of Calm, is a wellness app that helps users track their sleep and mental wellbeing, with features like an anxiety diary analysis and a calm and quiet audio playlist. stories.

“Apps UP was our first experience competing in a mobile app development and mobile app development contest. We encountered a few technical difficulties during the process, but these were quickly resolved thanks to the support of the Apps UP technical team who worked tirelessly to resolve our issues. We were also able to refer to HMS integration docs and get advice from the Huawei Developer Forum.

Team Alpha was able to deliver better experiences to its users through features unlocked with HMS Core Kits. “After reviewing the requirements to develop the app’s features, we chose to integrate Account Kit for authorization, HUAWEI Cloud Storage for data storage, Audio Kit for playlists, ML text-to-speech kit to read stories and the in-app messaging feature to remind and motivate users on the sleep routine challenge. These kits provide a unique experience for app users,” shared Team Alpha.

“Even though Land of Calm is our first mobile app, Apps UP has helped us improve our technical knowledge and gain valuable experience. Our app also received global exposure through the contest, exposure that we would not have received if we had launched our app on our own,” Team Alpha shared.