December 7, 2022

Google launches ‘Switch to Android’ app for iPhone: reports

Google recently launched its highly anticipated “Switch to Android” app for iPhone, according to reports.

According to Google, this app will allow users to easily move contacts, photos, videos and calendar events to a new Android device from an existing iPhone.

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This will make migrating to Android devices from iOS much easier, according to reports.

The app also includes features like setting up a new device and disabling iMessage so important notifications don’t get missed.

Before the app can be used to transfer data, it will first ask for some permissions. Only then users can use iCloud service to move photos and contacts between devices.

Although contacts and personal data can be transferred through this app, it does not allow app transfer, probably due to limitations of third-party apps between iPhones and Android.

However, the app is currently not available in most countries outside of the United States. As of this writing, Google has yet to officially announce the release of this app.

According to reports from TechCrunch, since April 11, the app has been available for download via a direct link from the US version of the iPhone App Store.