December 7, 2022



Award-winning global photo-sharing platform ClickASnap has released its annual Photo Collection of the Year featuring stunning images, as well as some of the most viewed images from its photographers. ClickASnap aims to share the beauty of photography and showcases how much money its users have made from the platform to date.

ClickASnap is the only photo sharing site in the world that pays its users. It grew into a multi-million pound business during the lockdown, with people looking for additional ways to make money, share photos, and receive money per view. From 2022, ClickASnap is upgrading its website so that users can earn up to 30% more on their images. ClickASnap’s most viewed images in 2021 include an Estonian sunrise, a Bollywood actress, a human eye and a fox.

The best photos from ClickASnap in 2021 include:

Morning at sunrise – Estonia
Photographer: Marje Metsaots
Views: 201.6K
ClickASnap Gain: £ 534.18 / $ 705.94

“I am an amateur photographer and love to wake up early to take beautiful photos like this in nature.”

Nikita – Norway
Photography: Gjesdal
Views: 176.7K
ClickASnap Earnings: £ 468.21 / $ 618.75

“Nikita Gokhale, an Indian actress, model and beauty pageant owner came to visit me at the end of the summer. There aren’t many Bollywood actresses who are comfortable posing nude, but it has happened.

Eye during a party – Italy
Photographer: Paul’s Photo
Views: 92.9K
ClickASnap Gain: £ 246.04 / $ 325.15

“One of my first macro shots. I didn’t have the right gear, like a tripod and a macro lens, but I was very keen to try this kind of shooting so I tried to stay as close to the eye as possible. It was very difficult to keep my eye focused and as you can see I practically failed… but I’m still happy with the end result.

Cute fox – Finland
Photographer: Sigrid
Views: 80K
ClickASnap Gain: £ 212 / $ 280

“This fox puppy was a brave soul who showed up quite often. There were three other fox puppies. This specific photo has been edited with Lightroom. The fox’s eyes were just in the right direction.

Hope – United Kingdom
Views: 9K
Photographer: Wellesley
ClickASnap Gain: £ 23.84 / $ 31.50

“In this season of goodwill, I would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness of all the poverty and homelessness that will always be in homes and on the streets and remember that hope – a feeling of expectation and of desire for a particular thing to happen – will always be there for some of us. I’m based in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside, close to the historic towns of Devises, Calne, Trowbridge and Salisbury and love taking photos of anything that inspires me – portraits, landscapes, creative imagery, festivals. I use a Canon 7D, 5D MKII and a lot of passion.

Cycling – Germany

Photographer: Goodchris
Views: 13.3 KB
ClickASnap Gain: £ 35.22 / $ 46.55

“The composition and contrast of this bike in Cologne produces wonderful colors.”

Trees do a good job – Turkey
Photographer: Photo-pop
Views: 12.6K
ClickASnap Earnings: £ 33.37 / $ 44.10

“A breathtaking view of a person sitting on the grass having a picnic with a beautiful mountain landscape in the background on a sunny day. Some monocultures develop naturally, such as black spruce in wetlands or concentrated cedar shoots in some landscapes, and these regenerating populations should not necessarily be considered as requiring human intervention. Nature can do a very good job growing trees on its own. ”

Eye Bridge – United Kingdom
Photographer: CapturedwithLily
Views: 2.8K
ClickASnap Earnings: £ 7.41 / $ 9.80

“A beautiful local place in UK. I woke up early to take this sunrise photo from the bridge over the River Stour. It was a lovely peaceful, freezing morning with only a few people passing by with their dogs. I am a self-taught photographer whose passion and enthusiasm are rooted in nature, landscapes and travel. I want my photography to reflect the wonders of the world in all its aspects.

The ClickASnap photo sharing platform is the only site that pays its users for views of photos and does not claim exclusive rights to the content. ClickASnap claims that the website upgrade, with an investment of over £ 1million, will allow users of the photo sharing platform to save a lot more and spend more time using it as well. as a social media platform. CEO Tom Oswald said, “The change will create a better experience for users. The new site is progressing well. We plan to release it in a public beta by the end of January. “

Besides being a photo sharing platform, it’s also a market where you can put your photos up for sale. ClickASnap does not charge any royalties on your photos, so you keep 100% of the proceeds from the sale. The best part about ClickASnap is that you don’t have to sell your photos to make money on the platform. ClickASnap pays you for each qualifying view you get on your photos. The visitor simply needs to spend at least five seconds looking at your photo for their view to become a qualified view for which ClickASnap will pay you. This provides a unique opportunity for amateur photographers who wish to share their work with the world just to see how the world reacts.

In 2020, 30,000 users signed up to share photos. Today, the site has over eight million images and an average of 150,000 users per day with 400,000 images viewed per day and growing rapidly. It had 30,000 registrations in September 2020 and 2,215,960 in September 2021. Last year’s turnover was £ 36,000; this year it’s £ 1.6million. ClickASnap has paid over £ 250,000 in royalties to date.


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