December 7, 2022

Gimme revamps social audio apps with new features that unite content, community and commerce

Gimme is the ultimate music As the only online music service designed with the community at its heart, Gimme believes in the music community’s passion for bringing great programming to listeners – and for fans to give back to artists through subscriptions, sales and tips.

Gimme has crafted an immersive, fan-only experience that directly connects fans to a musical community of Metal and Americana fans and artists unlike any existing digital music service.

Sales of exclusive merchandise and curated subscriptions are expected to exceed $1 million annually.

New design brings music fans and artists together with an immersive listening experience that expands artists’ promotional cycle and boosts merchandise sales

Through the powerful integration of community, content, and commerce, the new design is a significant step forward in realizing our vision of a creator economy where all artists can thrive.

— Tyler Lenane, CEO Give Me

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, October 18, 2022 / — There’s no doubt that the future growth of the music industry will be built by fans, but today’s digital patchwork of apps, websites, social networks and e-commerce storefronts makes it harder than ever for fans to come together to support the music and artists they love. Give me has worked hard to break down those barriers and today unveiled a new listening experience that galvanizes community engagement while providing more revenue opportunities for artists.

“We built Gimme because legacy streaming services have completely failed music fans and the vast majority of artists who find their work increasingly commoditized by products designed exclusively to serve the masses and massively popular artists” , said Tyler Lenane, CEO and co-founder. , Gimme, the digital music destination where fans connect with their favorite artists and support them through tips, vinyl subscriptions, digital subscriptions and merchandise sales. “In trying to serve all fans, they serve none, while artists hunt for fractions of a penny to scrounge a living wage from their music.”

The new design is a pure expression of Gimme’s core belief that the best way to serve fans is to create an experience that connects content, commerce and community, and is informed by the vast insights gleaned over the five years with the engaged communities of Gimme. and fans of America.

The overwhelming majority of fans want more than just a search box, an algorithm, and millions of leads. They demand interaction with other fans, access to creators, storytelling, real music discovery from trusted sources, meaningful ways to express their fandom, community ownership as content creators, and event organizers, all wrapped up in an “always-on” interactive experience.

Additionally, artists want to continue creating their art and connecting authentically with their fans without spending countless hours churning out social media posts. The new apps deliver an immersive experience on all fronts that breaks down barriers between fans and artists and breaks the outdated $9.99 per month model that limits fans’ ability to fully support the music and artists they enjoy. ‘they like.

Gimme has always believed that hosted live audio experiences, like great radio, are the best way to discover new music and build a sense of community. The new apps showcase and promote more compelling content than ever before, as well as the fans and artists who create it. Listeners can instantly see what’s happening across all of Gimme’s social audio and video experiences, all created by artists, labels and trend setters, and schedule upcoming specials with notifications of when those shows air . Plus, the new apps feature exciting chunks of content drawn from more than 15,000 hours of original, exclusive programming developed over the past five years.

“We make it fun and easy for fans to participate in our community, with no limits on what they spend,” Lenane said. “When you let the fan contribute what they want to be part of the service, whether it’s buying a record or participating in a live chat with an artist, they spend more time and effort. money to Gimme, which improves both the product experience and the economics of the business. In fact, as our community has grown, our average revenue per customer has also grown. That’s undeniable proof that we serve and satisfy the fans.

By focusing on the masses with an all-you-can-eat model, legacy music services by design neglect the needs of dedicated fans who are estimated to spend $37.5 billion a year on music. While these fans compromise only 17% of listeners, they account for 61% of total spend, according to Midia Research.

With an immersive fan-driven experience that directly connects fans to a music community and organically offers merchandise and vinyl – much of it exclusive – for sale as well as VIP experiences, Gimme is able to generate double revenue per paying customer like legacy streaming services, so artists who participate in Gimme communities can make a living from their music.

Beyond merchandise sales, which are expected to exceed $1 million over the next 12 months, Gimme provides artists with promotional opportunities outside of the traditional release-focused cycle. Today, that includes hosted shows with tips, premium chat experiences, and advertising to millions of listeners on iHeartMedia; with new monetization vehicles that allow fans to express their fandom, including more exclusive merchandise and fan memberships, coming soon.

“There have never been more opportunities for artists to create, share and monetize their work, but they exist separately and require a lot of effort from both artist and fan to maintain,” observed Lenane. “Artists don’t need more tools, they need a platform to make money while they sleep, and fans don’t need a bigger catalog. , they need better curation. With the powerful integration of community, content and commerce, the new design is a significant step forward in realizing our vision of a creator economy where all artists can flourish.

About Gimme Radio:
Gimme Radio is the ultimate music service for the true music fan. As the only online music service designed with the idea of ​​community at its heart, Gimme believes in the music community’s passion for bringing great programming to its listeners – and for its listeners to give back to artists through music. subscriptions, sales and tips. Every song played on Gimme is hand-selected by the musicians, music journalists, producers, labels, and tastemakers that music fans already know and trust. On Gimme, listeners, DJs and artists can all engage in conversation around the music – while it’s playing. Learn more about www.gimmeradio.comor download the Gimme Metal or Gimme Country app.

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