November 23, 2022

Enjoy some time with these games – Nintendo

Enjoy some time with these games

With the tasks of everyday life, one can feel a little exhausted. And it’s good ! Sometimes it’s nice to take a moment, take a step back and relax.

From relaxing rhythms to agricultural crops, we have put together a variety of games that we hope can help you unwind after a busy day.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

Escape to a desert island and create your own paradise as you explore, create and personalize in the Animal Crossing â„¢: New Horizons Play. Live at your own pace as you garden, fish, decorate, search for insects and fossils, get to know the residents, and more.

Valley of the Stars:

Create the farm of your dreams at Valley of stars. Armed with handy tools and a few coins, you can raise animals, go fishing, craft items, or take care of crops – the choice is yours! Take advantage of these sunny days by transforming your overgrown fields into a lively and bountiful farm.

A little hike:

Hike, climb and fly over the peaceful mountainside scenery of Hawk Peak Provincial Park. Follow the marked trails or explore the hinterland as you make your way to the top. Along the way, meet other hikers, discover hidden treasures, and admire the world around you.


In this hand drawn adventure game you will go on a delightful expedition and use your photographic eye and uncover the mysteries of magic TOEM. Chat with quirky characters, solve their problems by taking neat photos, and make your way through a relaxing landscape.

Coffee conference:

Immerse yourself in Seattle’s alternative stories, ranging from a dramatic love story between an elf and a succubus, an alien trying to figure out human lives, and many more that modern readers will find a strong echo in the world around them. Get ready to make a coffee and have a chat!

Alba: a wildlife adventure

Join Alba as she visits her grandparents on a Mediterranean island. Ready for a peaceful summer of wildlife exploration, things change when Alba sees an endangered animal. Take your time to explore the island and go on an adventure. Even the smallest person can make a big difference!

Comfortable grove:

welcome to Cozy grove, a game about camping on an ever-changing haunted island. As a Spiritual Scout, you will walk through the island’s forest every day, uncover hidden secrets, and help appease local ghosts. With a little time and a lot of DIY, you will bring some color and joy back to Cozy grove!

Donut County:

Raccoons have taken over Donut County with remote controlled waste flight holes. You play as BK, a raccoon who gobbles up his friends and their homes to win ridiculous prizes. Meet cute characters, steal their trash and throw it in a hole.

New Pokémon Snap:

In the New Pokémon Snap ™ game, you will search and take pictures of Pokémon in their original environment. Travel to the islands that make up the Lental region and look for some of the Pokémon and vegetation that seem to have a special glow.

Clubhouse Games: 51 World Classics:

With board games, card games, sports games and much more, Clubhouse Games: 51 World Classics is an eclectic collection of games to play and discover. Each game includes play instructions and trivia, so you can familiarize yourself with them before you start playing solo, locally *, or online **.

Tetris effect: Connected:
From the people who brought you the award-winning Rez Infinite and Lumines games, comes a captivating combo of music, animated backgrounds, sounds and special effects. Everything, right down to the Tetris® pieces themselves, will vibrate, sparkle and explode in sync with the way you play!

Sky: Children of the Light:

From the makers of Journey and Flower, come as Children of the Light to spread hope across the Desolate Kingdom in this free to play game. Create rewarding memories as you fly with up to eight players and solve mysteries, make friends and help others along the way.