April 20, 2022

Close Motor Company adds Subaru to its Peterborough location – Car Dealer Magazine

Close Motor Company has added Subaru to its portfolio.

The Japanese manufacturer joins SsangYong and Isuzu in its Peterborough showroom, which also manages the Mitsubishi aftermarket.

Managing Director Simon Close told the car dealership, “We see Subaru as a forward-thinking, like-minded partner who shares our vision for the future.

“The vehicle lineup is of exceptional build quality, the powertrains are fully hybrid and the specs are among the best in the industry.

“With the arrival of the all-electric Solterra in 2022, Subaru really seems to be building cars that people can relate to and want.”

Congratulating the Subaru UK team for the ‘exceptional’ way they handled the Close Motor Company membership process, he added: “What has been really nice and reassuring to see throughout the year has been Subaru’s continued growth in registrations and market sharing.

“I think this has been achieved through great products that suit today’s market, great offers for the consumer, more marketing activity and a good level of potential income for its resellers.


“Subaru and Close Motor Company share the same core values: we put the customer at the heart of everything we do.

“As a company, we want sustainable and continuous growth, and if we didn’t have this as a core value, we wouldn’t be able to meet our short, medium and long term goals. “

Close Motor Company previously owned the entire Mitsubishi franchise in Peterborough, and also owns the Mitsubishi aftermarket franchise at its Suzuki dealership in Corby.

It has tripled its workforce to also specialize in all brands.

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