December 7, 2022

Best Android Hacking Apps and Tools of 2022

This list is about the best Android hacking apps and tools. We will do our best for you to understand this Best Android Hacking Apps and Tools list. I hope you like this list Best Android Hacking Apps and Tools. So let’s start:

About the Best Android Hacking Apps and Tools

Hack as many useful use cases. You can use it to test your network security or see if someone is taking your WiFi. Hollywood idealizes piracy when it is literally a rather mundane activity. In most cases, you’ll be staring at a screen while a script or software does the heavy lifting. Moreover, the vast majority are more concerned about network security than anything else. You cannot crack someone’s Facebook password using an Android app. In any case, there are better options for those who want to learn the subject first hand.

Android has an app for everything. Whether you are a network administrator, a professional penetration tester, or someone who wants to become a hacker, you need to learn basic and comprehensive scanning/testing of Android devices. Hacking generally refers to unauthorized access to a computer or network. Cybersecurity is a trend of recent years. And the demand for Android security and penetration testing has increased. Hackers are always looking for tools and apps to hack Android phones. Here are the best apps and tools to hack Android.

Check the List of Best Android Hacking Apps and Tools


mSpy phone tracking app is a familiar spying software that works on all smartphones. And you can also install mSpy software on tablets and computers. It comes with many features that allow you to spy on text messages, calls, location data, contact lists and social media activities, all without requiring root access to the device.

No need to root the device, install unknown apps or reconfigure your smartphone settings. Even if it’s delayed or failed for some reason, you can re-import an Excel spreadsheet with data on all the places you’re following that have made calls and text messages to each other.


The AndroRAT has appeared in hiding since last year, many forums have proposed it to meet the demand of the cybercrime ecosystem. The first tools created on the black market, called “dossiers”, allow users to easily repackage and trojanize legitimate Android applications with AndroRAT.

The Black Hat conference presented it in combination with the specially designed AndroRAT APK workbook. With this workbook, AndroRAT has developed a new concept of Android phone hacking. The following image features an AndroRat ad available on the black market, probably the first one offered.


zANTI is a penetration testing tool or hacking tool that allows you to perform malicious attacks on a network. You can also use zANTI to exploit routers, audit passwords, create and run an HTTP server on your Android device, scan a device for open ports, check the device for shellshock and poodle SSL vulnerability.

This feature will allow you to access the host’s download folder and get a copy of whatever you want on your system. For example, if you select “.pdf” from the menu and click download capture, all PDF files will be downloaded to your phone. This can be particularly useful when it comes to social engineering.


Aispyer is useful to avoid all these sticky situations. This is the best app to track phones without permission. So, once installed; can easily help parents keep track of their children’s location and online activities. The same app can also be used by employers who tend to monitor the online activities and locations of their employees to ensure the full usefulness of work schedules and paid salaries.

Aispyer is not like your Play Store apps which you can just download and use. Being a spy monitoring software, the target phone will not allow you to install the app. Hence, you need to make changes in the Unknown Sources section of the phone. . You need to install the app from the exclusive Aispyer app download link.

AC Market

AC Market is considered to be one of the leading third-party app stores available online. It is a good alternative to Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. You can use it to download multiple apps at the same time. AC Market acts the same as Google Play Store and Amazon App Store.

Provides a multitude of applications to download and install on your device. It also lets you download paid apps for free. It also removes the burden of having to manually install apps and apps. We know how you feel and sometimes it can be frustrating because you just want to try it out and really don’t want to spend a dime.

game keeper

Game Guardian is a special cheat app. These types of apps are often frowned upon because they are used to discover vulnerabilities in games and are not considered fair to other users. There’s a wide variety of things you can do: add character lives, earn more gold, skip certain sections of a game, or even become invulnerable.

Game Guardian is a versatile cheat app that you can use to “crack” and “hack” games of your choice. Add lives to characters, earn more money than you could on your own, load emulators and play video games at home, and modify your device’s AI core.

hack code

Hackode is a very good application that allows you to collect information from other devices. Using Hackode, you can scan and find device or network vulnerabilities. Along with these, the app also has built-in network tools like Ping, DNS Lookup, Route Trace, DNS Diagnostic, Vulnerability Monitoring, and Security Source.

Since the app doesn’t need a rooted Android device, if you don’t mind the app’s cute UI, try Hackode. Does the job if you only have the basic necessities. You can use this application to collect target information and find vulnerable sites. This app is a great addition to a security-conscious Android user’s arsenal.

sheep droid

Droid Sheep is an app that demonstrates how insecure social networks like Facebook can be. Browsing without a secure protocol will allow the user of this app or similar apps to hijack your session. Once you are connected to a wireless connection, it will start searching for active sessions. Droid Sheep will capture sessions from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The app will list all unsecured sessions. You can choose to let it continue scanning or stop it when it has found its target. Choose the desired target and you will have to choose the action you want to proceed with. As mentioned above, this app is not designed to steal identities. Its purpose is to show how dangerous it is to navigate without a secure protocol.

WP analysis

The WPScan WordPress security plugin is unique in that it uses its own manually curated WPScan WordPress vulnerability database. The database includes over 21,000 known security vulnerabilities. The plugin uses this database to scan for WordPress vulnerabilities, plugin vulnerabilities, and theme vulnerabilities, and has the ability to schedule automated daily scans and send email notifications.

WPScan has a free API plan which should be fine for most WordPress websites; however, it also offers paid plans for users who may need more API calls. To use the WPScan WordPress security plugin, you will need to use a free API token by registering here.

clean cut

NetCut is a network monitoring tool that protects against so-called “phishing” attacks. Such attacks, also known as ARP cache poisoning, ARP routing poisoning (ARP = Address Resolution Protocol), target LANs to access the IP addresses of computers on a network.

As a result, the attacker could potentially intercept all data passing through an IP address. These attacks often facilitate other larger attacks, such as DDoS. It’s a very worrying threat these days, it’s very obvious. NetCut is a type of software designed to protect networks from such a vulnerability.

Final Words: Best Android Hacking Apps and Tools

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