December 7, 2022

BBC salary: Highest-paid news anchor John Humphrys says he “can’t explain” his £ 600,000 salary | London Evening Standard



The BBC’s highest-paid news anchor John Humphrys said he was unable to explain his £ 600,000 salary, saying he had “at no time” asked for more. money to the broadcaster.

The Radio 4 Today presenter, who turned out to be the company’s fifth highest earner, said his salary had been “gradually” increased over his “many, many” years of work there.

When asked on BBC Newsnight how he could explain to the public why he wins the six-figure sum, he replied: “I’m not sure I can explain it, to be completely honest.”

He added: “But I guess I would say I’ve been with the BBC for a very long time, like 50 years. I have been part of the Today program for 30 years.

John Humphrys: BBC’s highest paid newsreader said he ‘couldn’t explain’ his £ 600,000 salary when asked at Newsnight / BBC Newsnight

“When I joined the BBC I was making a few thousand dollars a year and gradually over the years that followed, the many years that followed, I made more and more.”

Humphrys said his salary had increased dramatically, but he “hadn’t asked for it”.

He said he got “another boost” when he joined the Today program 30 years ago.

He added: “I never went to the BBC at any point and said ‘I’m asking for more money because I’m absolutely awesome. “”

The presenter, who also hosts the BBC 2 quiz show Mastermind, started working for the company 50 years ago.

Amid the gender pay gap that emerged when the broadcaster’s rich roster was announced, Humphrys said he was “not happy” with the lower wages earned by his female colleagues Sarah Montague and Mishal Husain.

He told Radio 4’s Media Show, “I’m not happy with that… I think they all do a brilliant job. But Sarah [Montague] for example is not on the list which seems to me to be very strange indeed

“Mishal who earns a lot less than me and the others who earn a lot less than me and I don’t think that’s fair.”