September 28, 2022

Apple executive quits million-dollar job over back-to-work policy

One of Apple’s top executives left the company after the company ordered all company employees to return to the office three days a week.

A senior artificial intelligence executive at Apple is leaving the company over its back-to-office policy, according to a report.

The news comes as Apple orders all company employees to return to the office three days a week – a stricter policy than Big Tech rivals like Meta, Google and Amazon, which allow at least some employees to work. away forever.

Machine learning director Ian Goodfellow announced his resignation last week, telling colleagues that CEO Tim Cook’s efforts to bring employees back to the office drove him out.

“I strongly believe that more flexibility would have been the best policy for my team,” Goodfellow wrote in a farewell note, according to Verge reporter Zoe Schiffer.

Several Apple employees confirmed Goodfellow’s departure on the corporate gossip site Blind.

An Apple employee quoted Goodfellow as saying, “I’m leaving for many reasons…but Apple’s back-to-office policy is the biggest reason.”

Apple requires employees to work in person on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Employees are also allowed to work entirely remotely for up to four weeks per year.

An Apple staffer has speculated that Goodfellow’s departure comes ahead of a potential announcement that the company will increase the in-person work requirement to up to five days a week.

“Everyone and their grandma knows that Apple is using the pilot as a springboard for 5 days back in the office,” the Apple employee wrote on Blind, which verifies employment via email addresses. of the company. “Ian probably figured it out and left.”

Apple and Goodfellow did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The Post previously reported in April that Cook’s back-to-office push was driving some employees away from the company, with one staffer ranting, “I don’t care if I’m ever coming back to work here.”

Goodfellow reportedly earned A$1.15 million at Elon Musk’s OpenAI artificial intelligence lab when he was poached by Apple, where he reportedly earned even more.

After he left, Apple employees again raged against their employer, with one accusing the iPhone maker of “gaslighting”.

“TO [Apple] it’s nearly impossible to transfer remotely,” an Apple employee said on Blind.

“All other companies…including [Google] allow people to [work] remotely and remote job posting. The worst is that [Apple] doesn’t give a reasonable reason – they just gaslight you.

This article was originally published by the New York Post and reproduced with permission