December 7, 2022

Adult site Stripchat offers golfers to snub Saudi millions and stay on the PGA Tour

In a bizarre turn of events, an adult site made an offer to golf stars to convince them to stay on the PGA Tour. The controversial LIV golf series completely upended the sport as we know it as players opted to join the money-laden circuit.

Those who remained on the PGA Tour expressed disappointment with the breakaway tour and those who participate in it, including Tour commissioner Jay Monahan. But a call for players to stick with golf’s governing body came from an unlikely source in the form of a Stripchat – an adult live streaming website.

They too have been impacted by the LIV Golf Series which threatens to tear the sport apart and have sided with the PGA Tour. In an attempt to prevent players from defecting to the Saudi-funded league, Stripchat has tabled a bold offer that would give golfers the chance to use their major services.

“As the drama continues to escalate between golfers, the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, leading adult camming site Stripchat has decided to take sides and urge golfers to continue supporting the prestigious PGA Tour! make an offer which is hard refuse,” one cheeky message read.

“At Stripchat, the leading live adult cam site with over 500 million unique visitors per month, we are big fans of golf and the PGA Tour,” added Max Bennett, Vice President of Stripchat.

“After seeing the disgrace of players turning their backs on the PGA Tour for large sums of money to compete in the LIV Golf Series, we wanted to make an offer that would be hard to resist and try to help salvage the sanctity of our sport. That being said, Stripchat is officially announcing that any PGA Tour golfer who publicly makes an announcement to remain with the PGA Tour will receive a “Stripchat VIP Membership” for the remainder of their career and enough tokens (a form of currency virtual) to keep the… in shape… while participating in the PGA Tour.

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Adult site Stripchat has made a bold offer to PGA Tour stars

“We are delighted to contribute to this worthy cause and to support the PGA in its battle to keep the best players. We look forward to seeing you play on and off the course this season!”

Many were upset by those who chose to play in the new league and a furious Monahan sent a damning email to rebel players, 30 minutes after the start of the first LIV Golf Series event, confirming that they would be banned from participating in the PGA Tour.

Monahan said the players “decided to turn their backs on the PGA Tour by deliberately violating a rule” to play in the LIV Golf Series. “Players are notified that they are suspended or no longer eligible to participate in the PGA Tour tournament, including the Presidents Cup,” he continued.

Brooks Koepka remains loyal to the PGA Tour
Brooks Koepka remains loyal to the PGA Tour

“As you are aware, the players listed below have not received the necessary event and conflicting media rights clearances – or have not sought clearance at all – and their participation in the Saudi Golf event League / LIV Golf is in violation of our tournament rules.The same fate applies to all other players who will participate in future Saudi Golf League events.These players made their choice for their own financial reasons.

“But they can’t demand the same benefits, considerations, opportunities and platform you do as a PGA Tour member. This expectation disrespects you, our fans and our partners. You’ve made a different choice, which is to abide by the tournament rules you agreed to when you achieved the dream of earning a PGA Tour card and – more importantly – competing within the preeminent organizations of the professional golf world. “