December 7, 2022

Abbie Chatfield: Woman wins $30,000 with TBH Skincare endorsement

Abbie Chatfield has sparked a mad rush for a $55 acne product after revealing it ‘fixed’ her bad skin, earning the Australian designer $30,000 in the process.

the old Bachelor The contestant revealed that tbh Skincare’s Acne Cream helped her immensely when she was going through a “difficult time” with a cystic acne breakout.

Abbie, who previously teamed up with the Sydney-based beauty brand in 2020, gave a shout out to tbh during her Hot nights with Abbie Chatfield radio broadcast, triggering a flurry of orders in the hours that followed.

The brand’s co-founder, Rachael Wilde, told The beauty diary she was amazed when The Masked Singer The panelist told listeners about her product as their contract had long since expired.

“It was actually incredibly sweet of him to yell at us,” she explained.

“Honestly, I was shocked when I heard this and couldn’t believe she’s still recommending us over a year after she officially worked with us.”

Rachael explained that it took a little while to convince Abbie to try the acne treatment, but once she did, she was blown away by the results.

“We first worked with Abbie when she came out of Bachelor. She was sharing her unfiltered experience with breakouts on her Instagram, which was rare for influencers to do so at the time, so immediately we loved her authentic approach and knew her audience trusted her immensely,” a- she declared.

“It actually took a while to convince Abbie to try the products. I literally told her management to “get her to try this one product, I swear it will work”.

“Once she tried it, she loved it and saw real results with the product, so making the partnership official was just a natural next step.”

After Abbie’s recent on-air mention, Rachael decided to create a TikTok video showing her “blind reaction” to the product cry – which further fueled the rush of shoppers.

“I actually fell asleep (after posting) and it wasn’t until I woke up the next morning that I saw the incredible response on the video,” she said. The beauty diary.

“The video went viral and ended up generating a lot of sales, grossing over $33,000 and selling over 500 products.”

The $55 acne cream can be used as a spot or full face treatment and can be added to any skincare routine after cleanser and before moisturizer, Rachael explained.

“Abbie’s consistent use over time has given her the exact results she was looking for,” she added.

“We are SO happy for Abbie and so many other customers!”

Photos of Abbie’s results that had already been shared in 2020 were described by Australians as “unreal” and “impressive”.

On the radio segment, Abbie said her breakouts made her “sad”, adding that she was “really struggling” with her cystic acne.

“The product that helped me ‘fix’ it, tbh Skincare has this cream, and it helped my skin get ‘normal’.”

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