December 7, 2022

3 apps to liven up your language learning – Holly Goodchild

We all had our share of ‘I want to learn Italian’, ‘This year I’m going to speak Japanese’ and ‘French is really cool’. But we also had our fair share of “I gave up on learning”, “Japanese is too difficult” and “I can’t be bothered”. Why do only a few of us follow our language learning resolutions? It’s not because you’re lazy, don’t have time or aren’t smart, it’s because you haven’t found the right apps to stay motivated yet. Here are 3 apps that will boost your language learning in 2022!

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is the no. 1 educational application on the iOS app store, and for good reason: with its 37 courses available, there is a language that Duolingo has that will suit you perfectly! Learning is made interactive with charming stories, engaging audio lessons and timed challenges, ensuring you have great fun and great learning.

One of Duolingo’s most captivating features is the streak system: each day you complete a Duolingo lesson, you earn ‘gems’ and a day is added to your streak. With gems you can “buy” costumes for Duo (the app’s adorable bird icon), bonus skills like idioms, proverbs, and flirting, and “timer boosts” for challenges timed. The idea of ​​a daily streak is what motivates thousands of users to stay consistent with their Duolingo learning and is a great way to spark some friendly competition with your friends.

2. BonjourTalk

Learning a language is a fun and exciting experience, so why keep it to yourself? HelloTalk connects native speakers who want to learn each other’s languages, so you can give and receive accurate reviews of each other’s work. You can post both text and audio messages, meaning every aspect of your knowledge can be honed to perfection.

What sets HelloTalk apart from other matching apps is that while the focus is on language learning, it also allows friendships to flourish. On your profile, you can write a unique biography and set your interests, making it easy to find other people who are also into sports, anime, k-pop, or any other unique hobby.


Like Duolingo, Memrise offers a variety of language courses with lessons that include vocabulary that will help you in everyday life. The difference is that Memrise puts more emphasis on using audio and video, which is especially useful for those who want to take the next step by visiting the country of their chosen language(s).

Another part of what makes Memrise so handy is the scan translator: just point your camera at any text in any language, or upload a photo of text from your camera roll, and Memrise will translate it almost immediately.

With its user-friendly format and range of exercises, your enthusiasm and knowledge are sure to grow after using Memrise.