What is credit risk?


The bank’s credit risk is the risk that the borrower will not repay his loan in the agreed manner. A number of factors can affect credit risk, such as the currency in which the loan was granted or the sum of the loan. From the bank’s perspective, the customer’s credit history is also an important issue.

When taking a loan, we rarely think about the other side, i.e. the bank that gives us such a loan. Meanwhile, it’s always a risk for the bank. Why? There is a probability that the borrower will not diligently meet his obligations. Let’s try to expand the subject, which is the bank’s credit risk.

Credit risk – definition

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The bank’s credit risk is, in the simplest terms, a chance that the person who made the loan commitment will not regulate it in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract. By lending money, the bank risks, for example, that it will simply not be given back. It is therefore extremely important to correctly estimate the credit risk that the bank makes. Potential sources of credit risk are also of great importance. How much this risk is depends on many aspects, including the amount of the loan or the currency in which it is granted.


Credit risk management in the bank

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The correct credit risk assessment and reduction as much as possible is a priority for the bank. Let’s use the analogy from everyday life: if the money wants to borrow a person who has several times damaged our trust, did not pay back the debt at all or did it with a long delay, most likely she will not be able to count on another loan on our part, because it is simply too much financial danger. That is why the banks examine our creditworthiness so thoroughly, while we, as customers, should take care of it in the interests of our own interests.

Due to credit risk, the bank’s credit history

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Is also important for the bank, which says a lot about our diligence and timeliness in the field of settling liabilities . To check the credibility of a potential borrower, the bank uses a specific tool, which is credit scoring . To sum up, limiting credit risk is extremely important for the functioning of the bank, just like the proper model credit risk. Of course, how the bank limits and manages credit risk is an individual matter.

To sum up: credit risk is a very important issue for the bank. Awareness that the correct assessment of credit risk has a huge impact on the financial security of the bank can help applicants understand the need to provide the required documents, etc. Moreover, knowledge about the importance of financial risk should become an additional motivation to effectively look after your credit history.