Marketing Metrics and Loans between Individuals

One of the main concerns of the company that offers its solutions online is to know their own numbers. They say that figures are the language of company, but the Internet is a binary business, their numbers are usually 0 and 1, lastly this is what often determines your own success, what do you want to be zero or 1?.

However , there are a number of metrics that place the balance in a single way or another, never forget in different business that boasts regardless of how good it is or just how much it likes, everything is founded on selling. I share with you 7 metrics so you can measure plus manage your sales to make more correct decisions.

The life value of a client

The life value of a customer

What value really does each of your customers have? Several will be better or even worse, but do you know which of them provides more economic value for your company?

Suppose your company sells a product in addition to a customer who buys that will product once a month we worth that purchase at € 100 / month, time this customer is purchasing in our business determines the cost of our client’s life. Issue year is buying a year, the formula is simple a year x € 100 and month = € 1200.

This is the associated with the customer, in relation to this worth you have to determine the assets you need to get it and maintain it.

Just how much does it cost to get a consumer?


Technically this metric is called ” Customer Pay for Cost ” and decides how much we spend on the sales actions, be it push, adwords, banners etc .

Take the example kind of company that offers its solutions through adwords with a month-to-month cost of € 500. Using this investment, 70 customers plus 4 sales are acquired, their formula for determining the cost is (investment and sales = customer cost) that is € 500/4 product sales = € 125.

This means that with this instance it tells me that obtaining a customer to buy costs myself € 125 of advertising / advertising investment. In case my profit from sales surpasses € 125 then the advertising campaign has been effective, but if on the other hand I have expense and no advantage then our strategy will be wrong, you have to stop plus think many times there is the important to success.

Conversion rate

This in boxing would certainly indicate the amount of blows which you would have to take to knock straight down your opponent, in soccer the amount of shots of a group to score a goal because within sales it is something comparable.

Imagine that We conducted an email marketing campaign plus sent 1000 to prospective clients, that is, we have 1000 prospective customers. After launching our strategy 10 of them acquire the services (1000 leads and 10 new customers = 10% conversion rate)

” In e-marketing, if an user after an Internet research arrives at a web page plus fills in an information demand form, we call this particular lead. “

If we consider 10% being a low conversion rate, we ought to make changes in the sales procedure.

Average selling ticket

Average sale ticket

Some methods allow you to increase the value of the particular sale. For example , companies provide mobiles and provide insurance meant for low price. This considerably boosts the sale thanks to the security it offers. In other words, we increase the typical sales by offering something added to it.

The response rate

As we are virtually basing our Internet business metrics, the response rates such as of emails are generally 1%. This presents us using a scenario in which to obtain ten responses to our emails we are going to need to make at least one thousand shipments with a good offer, using the addition that of the ten replies received, not all of these will end up for sale “ a lot more difficult”.

Business lead Rate to close product sales

If your Online business is based on providing professional solutions or the sales cycles are usually long term, the lead price to close sales provides us an idea of ​​the amount of audience we will have to sell.

Take a look at put a strategy if we invariably is an Internet company that offers solutions to SMEs such as development websites and create 10 leads and generate five conferences and produce a client. To obtain a thousand customers we would have to reach 10, 000 individuals.

Contacts available for purchase

How many connections does your strategy need? The overall rule is:

Two percent of product sales are made on the first get in touch with
Three % of sales are made within the second contact
Five percent of product sales are made in the third get in touch with
10 percent associated with sales are made in the 4th contact
eighty percent of sales are created in the fifth contact

It is commonly approved that on average you need among four and seven connections to sell.

Fundamentally these seven Metrics could be applied to everything in general in order to something in particular I hope they will help you. <