How to Deal With Car Insurance Payment?

Having a car is an element of luxury and as such the expenses that it entails annually can be a problem in our domestic economy at any given time. And is that when there are some unforeseen or higher expenses than we expected, the car insurance receipt is one of the elements that can be left unpaid, which can be a problem even at judicial level if it is not paid.

But what exactly can happen if it is not paid? Driving without car insurance is dangerous since in case of any accident the vehicle is not insured and, as the law indicates, it is mandatory to have third party insurance to cover physical and material damages that we can do to other people.

On the other hand, although we are not involved in any accident, before the authorities we can receive a fine of up to 3,000 euros for going without car insurance up to date. However, there may still be a worse case in which if we have any mishap without being insured, we must cover all damages with our own liquidity which can amount to very high figures that are difficult or sometimes impossible to face. Therefore, car insurance should be considered an essential element if we have a vehicle available.


What if we cannot pay for car insurance?

What if we cannot pay for car insurance?

The first recommendation is undoubtedly not to use the car and not put it under any circumstances for the aforementioned consequences.

Another aspect that we must take into account is that the coverage of the car insurance does not disappear just at the exact moment that it stops paying, since the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) establishes that before the non-payment of the insurance of the vehicle, the The insurance company has the obligation to cover the insured for at least one more month , so this period of time can help us to recover financially, find a more accessible fee or request a quick credit and make the payment. However, it is also established that there is a period of 5 more months to pay and recover the insurance that was contracted.

One of the most frequent ways in these cases is usually to request the payment of insurance in installments so that the amount to be disbursed is smaller and there is more comfort and flexibility to be able to comply with the insurer, although you have to keep in mind that whenever you go to this option, higher interests are applied since the insurance annulment premium is not considered as a whole indivisible.


Taking into account all these considerations

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It is important to bear in mind the payment of car insurance among our main expenses since the consequences that it entails are more serious than the non-payment of other possible receipts.

In the last option and as we always tell you to solve any situation of economic urgency , there are fast credits, that is, the financial products that have revolutionized the current economic landscape thanks to their help to thousands of families and entrepreneurs who have needed all these years a way of financing as an alternative to traditional banking entities.

And it is that the mini- loans are loans of amounts that do not exceed 1,000 euros but that are obtained in just a few minutes, without the need for travel or having to present a lot of documentation, moreover , many companies admit customers on delinquent lists such as ASNEF or it is enough for them to present some justifiable income such as a pension or unemployment benefit. Its application process is very practical, convenient and easy as it is done through its official website by filling out a form with very basic data such as the amount of money needed, the return period and some personal and bank information. The response by these entities does not usually exceed 24 hours, as well as their concession if yes, which takes a maximum of up to 72 hours.


When planning our domestic economy

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The payment of car insurance as we mentioned above should be a priority and given the impossibility of dealing with your payment, there are alternatives such as requesting your installment payment in more comfortable installments or going to fast loans to get the full amount in just a few hours and thus be able to pay the amount as soon as possible.

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